Which is the Best Pod Vape Kit for You?


Are you ready to start your vaping journey, but aren’t sure which vape pod or pen e-cigarette starter kit will work best with your lifestyle and vaping aspirations? NZVAPOR proudly stocks only the best pod vape kits, so you won’t choose wrong with a visit to our online vape shop. If you’re after that perfect cloud, however, check out our list below to find a vape pod kit for beginning vapers that will fulfil even your wildest vaping dreams.

What’s the difference between pod devices and vape mods?

For the uninitiated, pod vape devices are easily confused with vape mods (the rhyming doesn’t make it easier). Vape mods are typically used for sub-ohm vaping—a style of vaping that uses coils with a resistance under 1ohm, coupled with a high-wattage battery, to produce massive clouds. For this reason, vape mods rely on liquids with higher VG content.

Pod devices, meanwhile, are better suited to e-liquids that contain nicotine salt, making them ideal for recovering smokers. Pod devices live up to their name, using convenient, disposable pods in place of a refillable tank. Their simplicity also makes them a great fit for beginning vapers.

1. Geekvape Aegis Boost

The uncommonly durable 40w Aegis Boost by Geekvape is a big cloud waiting in a little package. With a 1,500mAh battery and a power range of 5W – 40W, this sleek pod device offers discreet mouth-to-lung vaping and easily customisable experience. We think the stylish leather inlay of its sleek, shock-proof frame is pretty cool too. The Aegis Boost is corrosion, stain, and water-resistant, making it one of the toughest starter kits on the market and ideal for vapers with active lifestyles.

2. Renova Zero

Renova, a company owned by highly-regarded vape brand Vaporesso, got off to a great start with the Renova Zero. Sporting a rubberised texture over a durable zinc alloy shell, the Renova Zero’s claim to fame is its super convenient pod replacement. The Zero’s pods are fully recyclable and built with ceramic wicks, which last much longer than standard cotton wicks. These innovative touches, combined with the Renova Zero’s sleek, futuristic style, make it look and vape like the pod device of tomorrow!

Check out NZVAPOR’s starter kits pairing the Renova Zero with Arctic Ice, Premium Red, and Royale Vape e-liquids!

3. SMOK Novo 2

The classic look and feel of the SMOK Novo 2 has made it one of the most popular pod devices the world over. Draw-activated, small, and light, this is the stealthy choice for those who still value a touch of discretion when vaping. The Novo 2 is slightly heavier than its Novo predecessor, but for the additional weight, you’ll enjoy a great battery life (800mAh capacity) and a more powerful hit. Draw-activation and a 3V – 4V output range make this a great starter kit for heavy smokers ready to quit.

Check out NZVAPOR’s starter kits pairing the Novo 2 with Arctic Ice, Premium Red, or Royal Vape e-liquids!

4. SMOK RPM 40

The OG pod kit, the SMOK RPM 40 is a powerful and versatile starter kit for vapers of all stripes. The body features a handy 24mm colour screen for greater control of the device’s many customisable features. Compatible with SMOK’s popular Nord coils and flavour pods, the RPM 40 also boasts a sizeable 1,500mAh battery for enviable clouds, making it a balanced package for vapers ready to begin with a classic vaping experience.

5. Uwell Caliburn

Sometimes less is more. The sleek, minimalist design of the Uwell Caliburn strips away everything but the essential elements of a quality vaping experience. With a body that resembles a longer-than-usual USB drive, the Caliburn is hardly flashy, but what it lacks in panache it makes up for in flavour. With its simplicity, the Caliburn can dedicate the entirety of its 520mAh battery to its 11W output, making it the perfect starter kit for any vaper-on-the-go who doesn’t need to show off.

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Your top shop for great pod starter kits

With NZVAPOR’s unbeatable line-up of pod starter kits, you can be sure you’ll find the perfect vape for you. If you want to explore a few more options, or pick up a few more vaping insights, contact the team at NZVAPOR to learn more today.


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