Value for Money: The Most Affordable Starter Kits


Want to give vaping a go instead of smoking, but don’t want to make a big investment straight away? As ex-smokers, we understand how hard it is to stop smoking and how the upfront cost of a vape device could put you off. For those looking to test the waters without spending too much, we have compiled a list of the most affordable vape starter kits so you can begin vaping in Australia today!

KOKO Prime Vape Starter Kits

KOKO Prime Vape Starter Kits
We think the KOKO Prime is a stellar device for newbies, so we have created a starter pack that includes one KOKO Prime Pod Device and one bottle of NZVAPOR E-Liquid. This pack includes enough e-juice to keep you vaping for roughly four weeks, so you will have plenty of time to decide if vaping is right for you.

The KOKO Prime is a pod device from Uwell Caliburn, a company famous for simplistic yet effective vape designs. It features 15W maximum wattage, a decent 2ml e-liquid capacity, and a quality mesh coil. This is a refillable pod device, which means you will need to top up the e-juice yourself by dripping it into the pod opening. This may seem daunting at first, but it’s a simple process and this device even has a silicone check valve so there won’t be any messy e-juice leakage.

One of the reasons we recommend the KOKO Prime to new vapers is because it is draw-activated. This means there is no chance of it going off in your pocket or your bag while you are on the go.

E-Liquid: This pack comes with a bottle of NZVAPOR e-juice. We handcraft our juice from pure, food-grade ingredients in an ISO-7 facility. Choose from our best-selling Royale Vape, Arctic Ice, and Premium Red flavours for the tastiest intro to vaping possible. We offer 6mg nicotine strength juice for light users and 12mg juice for heavy cigarette users.

Stratus Prefilled Pod Kit

Stratus Prefilled Pod Kit
The Stratus Pod is an easy to use device that is perfect for beginners. Instead of having a refillable cartridge, this pod takes prefilled e-liquid pods. When you run out of e-juice in your pod, simply remove the old one and click a new pod into place.

Each e-juice pod should last for several days before you will need to swap it out for a new one. The benefits of using a closed pod device are that you won’t need to carry bottles of e-juice around with you or spend time dripping e-liquid into the tank.This vape pod is also draw-activated, so there are no complicated buttons or settings to adjust! The 280mAh battery will get most vapers through the day without needing any extra charge. When you do need to charge up, the USB cord charges the device fully in just 30 minutes.

E-Liquid: This vape starter kit comes with three prefilled pods including Blackcurrant, Kentucky Gold, and ANZAAC Biscuit flavours. These pods have a 5% nicotine strength and are made with nicotine salts for a smooth mouthfeel. Once you run out of pods, you can buy extra replacement pods for this kit from NZVAPOR. Stratus offers a range of other delicious flavours including Ice Cucumber flavour and a range of Tobacco flavours.

Start your vaping journey today with NZVAPOR

NZVAPOR was founded to help others move from cigarettes to vaping, in the same way we did. We want everyone to enjoy the health benefits of giving up smoking, that’s why we provide the best vape starter kits out there at affordable prices. Shop online or in-store and make your way towards better health today.

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