Understanding e-cigarettes in NZ: how do they work and what’s in them?


If you’re a smoker, you probably know how difficult it can be to kick the habit, even if you really want to. As fewer people take up smoking, it’s becoming more socially unacceptable. It can make you feel awkward or isolated when your friends and family don’t want you to smoke around them.

E-cigarettes offer a perfect solution. They have helped people to quit smoking, giving them a nicotine hit that can help minimise the side effects and cravings that historically went along with quitting.

Let’s have a look at how e-cigarettes work and what’s inside them.

How do e-cigarettes work?

An e-cigarette is a small electronic device that heats up a liquid solution (e-liquid), releasing a vapour that you can inhale. We call this “vaping”. It’s designed to mimic the way you smoke a cigarette, and many of the older e-cigs even looked like cigarettes.

The e-liquid can be flavoured in different ways, and can also contain nicotine (although it doesn’t have to).

What ingredients are in e-cigarettes?

The short answer is, it depends.

Every manufacturer uses different ingredients in their e-cigarettes. Most include nicotine, but not all. There are different ingredients used to create new and exciting flavours.

At NZVAPOR, we create our own brands of e-liquid, called NV Juice and VAPEJUICE. Our liquids are designed to help smokers transition to vaping, and include different nicotine strengths – 24mg, 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, 3, and 0mg.

We use 99.57% pure nicotine liquid, that meets EU6.0 Medical Grade Standards. We also use Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine that are both certified, sourced in NZ, and are 99.7+% Pure, USP, Food Grade and Kosher. All our flavourings are American, FDA compliant and come from natural or artificial sources – all are Diacetyl free.

Not all manufacturers can make the same claims, so make sure to carefully check the ingredients and sources for any new e-cig products you try. Inferior liquids may result in health issues like sore throats, coughing and even nausea.

Using e-cigarettes to stop smoking

E-cigarettes often contain nicotine (which is what draws a smoker back to the cigarettes), and the best quality e-liquids contain almost no harmful chemicals that cause adverse health effects. Because of this, many people are able to quit smoking and regain their independence.

You can choose the nicotine level of your e-liquid, then adjust to a smaller or higher dose at any time. Many of our customers are finding great success quitting smoking with e-cigarettes. And because e-cigs don’t release second-hand smoke, they’re safer to use around family and friends.

For more information on e-cigarettes in NZ, check out the Ministry of Health website.

E-cigarettes are a great option for smokers looking to quit, and as long as you purchase from an accredited, reputable dealer, they offer a safer, healthier alternative. For the best range of high-quality vaping products and e-cigarettes in New Zealand, look no further than NZVAPOR. Buy a range of e-cigarettes and e-juices for overnight delivery. SHOP NOW.

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