Got a burnt taste when you vape? Here’s how to solve it


You’re hanging out for a vape, so you raise your pen to your lips and …. ewwww. A horrible burnt taste reaches your taste buds. No thank you.

That gross taste is a burnt coil, and when it happens, you’ll definitely know it. If you’re getting these burnt coils too often for comfort, then we’ve got some tips to help minimise it.

What causes burnt coils, and how to solve it?

Bad coil: Sometimes you buy a brand new coil, and it’s just a dud. You can’t do much to fix this except throw the coil out and get a new one. You might be able to return it to the manufacturer and get a new one, but since it more commonly happens with knock-off coils from overseas, so you might be out of luck.

Forgetting to prime: Usually, when a coil is new, and it tastes bad, it’s because you haven’t primed it. To prime your coil, take the head and add a few drops of vape juice into the wicking holes. Wait a minute or two while the cotton soaks up the juice.

Turn it down: Vaping at a huge wattage will give you the big clouds, but it also gives you more dry hits. Reducing the wattage will mostly solve this problem. Most coils have a recommended wattage range, so try to stick to this.

Fill your tank: Once your juice starts to run low, your wicking ports aren’t always right at the bottom, so you can get wicking problems and more dry hits. It you top up your tank whenever possible you’ll have less issues.

Change your juice: VG juice is more viscous than PG juice, which means if you’re not using a sub-ohm tank (they have larger vaping holes), you’ll get more dry hits.

Slow right down: Are you chain vaping? This means you’re taking continuous puffs and just vaping out the whole room. If you’re doing it then you’re killing your coils faster than anything else. Give your MOD a rest for a minute or so between puffs.

Try a temp control device: Temperature-controlled devices sense the coil’s material and can draw just the right amount of power.

Artificial sweeteners: These can “gunk” up the coils, which means your device won’t work as effectively. The darker juices (and often the cheap ones) are often filled with sugars that can cause these problems.

If you’re getting those horrible dry hits and burnt taste, then try these tips and see if they help. We’re also got some more tips here. No one wants a gross vape!

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