All 20 e-juice flavours on trial for FREE – all weekend!

We always love getting to Big Boys Toys! It’s a great way to meet people and to give everyone a chance to ‘try before they buy’.
If you’ve ever wanted to try electronic cigarettes but didn’t want to buy one because you weren’t sure you’d like it – here is your chance to give it a shot for free! We offer a no obligations, free trial of all 20 great flavours!

All our e-liquids (otherwise known as e-juices) have been specifically designed for smokers, by (ex)smokers. Unfortunately we aren’t allowed to supply nicotine based e-liquids on the day but we can definitely show you just how accurate and satisfying our flavours are.

We only stock powerful and compact electronic cigarettes in NZ. Chosen specifically by the owners of the business, who actively use every e-cigarette that the company sells. Each product has been through a rigorous testing program so we know our e-cigs are the best e-cigarettes for smokers!

If you haven’t already tried our gear, you will be surprised!

Additionally, all our gear comes with a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. So if you change your mind later (for any reason) we will happily return your e-cigarettes for a complete refund* and thank you for trying – No worries!

If you visit us over the weekend and have a go but decide it’s not for you – well that’s perfectly fine too, we appreciate you giving it a go. We have some people who find that vaping is not for them and we also see many people trying the gear on the day and visiting our website www.nzvapor.com later on to buy. What ever suits really, everyone is different and we are happy to assist wherever we can.

See y’all there!

*Although returns are completely cool with us (the returns policy has been designed around customer satisfaction); all returns do need to comply with our easy going returns policy. CLICK HERE to see more.

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