How to Clean and Care for your Hardware


Vaping gear is an investment, especially when you start getting into more advanced mods. You want to take good care of your kit so you can continue to enjoy your vape experience.

Here’s how to clean and maintain the different parts of your vape kit so that you can enjoy vaping for a long time to come.

Getting started

You need a paper towel or tea towel over your workspace. Spread out your kit on this. You’ll also need some high grain alcohol (not Isopropyl alcohol as it’s toxic) and/or warm water, as well as cotton buds to reach into the tiny spaces.

Your vape tank

Every 1-2 weeks (depending on how often you vape – ideally every time you change the atomizer), you should clean out your tank. This gets out tiny remnants of juice and will improve the taste. 

First, remove the coil and rinse the tank off in your warm water. You’ll need to wait until the tank has dried completely before you reattach your coil – otherwise, there’s a chance you might cause some damage to the coil.

Alternatively, use your cotton bud and alcohol to clean the surfaces of the tank. For this, you don’t need to remove the coil.

Your coils

You can’t clean coils – you need to replace them. You’ll notice a burned-out coil because you’ll suddenly produce a lot less vapor. You’ll also notice you won’t be getting any flavour and you may notice more dry hits or a burnt taste.

Change the coil frequently to prevent this, and give your tank a clean when you do so. 

Your batteries

Once a week, remove your battery and wipe down the heads. Check the batteries for leaks, damage, or other signs the battery needs replacing. Are the terminals dirty? Dirty terminals shorten your battery’s life, but be careful when you clean them. 

General maintenance tips

Help your vape kit last longer by following these guidelines:

  • Keep your kit out of direct sunlight and store your gear and liquids in a cool, dry place.

  • For best results and maximum flavour, store your e-liquids in the fridge.

  • In some e-cigs, you shouldn’t fill the tank too high, or let the e-juice get too low. Learn about the specific maintenance requirements for your kit.

  • Be careful not to drop your gear and smash it about too much.

  • Store in a padded case while travelling.

  • Turn the vaporizer off when you have your e-cig in your pocket.

By taking proper care of your vape kit, you’ll ensure you have a great vaping experience for longer. What are your tips for cleaning and caring for your kit?

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