Ecigarettes are thought to be a new product to the NZ smoking market. Sometimes used as a cessation aid to smoking or used to stop smoking, do not advertise ecigs as an aid to stop smoking, rather we promote electronic cigarettes as a great alternative to smoking.

E cigs have been around for over 20 years now and there have been many tests done by many well known scientists to prove the benefits of ecigarettes. Ecig nicotine juice, or otherwise known to vapers as ejuice is relatively harmless and has not currently been linked with any heart disease or cancer. All contents in our NV Juice range are approved for human consumption and we take great pride in knowing our NV Juice, or “e-juice” is made with the highest ejuice contents available.

E cigarettes come in many different forms and are available to most NZ smokers. are focussed on long term smokers who might hate smoking and are looking for cheaper smoking options or cheaper smoking alternatives. Those smokers who are looking to quit smoking through ecigs are warned that do not advertise e cigarettes, NV Juice, any form of e juice or ecigs as a help in ways to stop smoking, although studies have shown compelling results which you should look in to.

E-cigarettes often contain nicotine based ejuice which comes in an e-juice bottle which should be kept away from children at all times, and should have an anti-child lock. stock three qualities of electronic cigarette batteries: eGo-T, EVOD and VISION.

Our eGo-t range is designed for those who are new to vaping and who do not generally smoke or vape as much as a heavy smoker or vaper might.

Our EVOD range is set as our mid range ecig option as it is a high quality e-cig that is priced in the range of a cheap e-cigarette option. These e-cigarette batteries are a variable voltage e cigarette battery, which means you can set them to give you a small amount of vapour, a medium vapour cloud or a heavy vape cloud.

VISION ecigarettes are a high end e-cig battery option. They are a high quality ecigarette which is also variable voltage and can offer the person vaping a light vape cloud, medium vapour clour or a thick vapour.

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