A new study shows vaping causes NO long-term lung damage


As more and more studies are emerging showing that vaping is a useful tool to help quit smoking, detractors are finding new things to complain about.

The common claim is that not enough is known about the “long-term” effects of vaping. Without this knowledge, they claim, no one can in good conscience recommend vaping as a viable tool to help a smoker quit.

A new study changes all that.

University of Catania vaping study

This study, conducted by Professor Riccardo Polosa, followed 21 young people (aged between 27-28) for three years. 9 of the participants vaped daily (but had never smoked cigarettes), while the remaining twelve had never smoked or vaped before

The researchers did an extensive physical evaluation of all participants at the beginning of the study, then monitored them over the three year period for any changes. In nearly every quantifiable instance, the team could find no differences between the lungs of each group in the cohort.

Researchers were careful to choose participants who’d never smoked before, as the long-term effects of smoking on the lungs would have confused the results and made it look as though vaping caused the damage to the lungs.

The results are in – vaping does not impact your long-term lung health.

Limitations of the study

While the results are extremely positive, the researchers are quick to point out that they have limitations. The scope of the study was limited to only 3.5 years – which might not be considered “long term” enough for some. It is possible that damage could occur at a later time.

But, even though the team found few, if no, differences between the overall lung health of its participants, it still cautioned that the scope of the study was limited. The sample size was small, and it only looked at a period of 3.5 or 4 years, which, is not precisely “long-term,” to some people at least.

Meaning that even though no signs of lung damage could be seen after three years of vaping, that doesn’t mean damage wouldn’t occur at a later time.

The researchers cautioned that further study was needed to look more deeply into the long-term effects of vaping.

Encouraging results! Hopefully we’ll see more studies emerging that demonstrate the benefits of vaping and debunk the gross misinformation portrayed by the media.

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