7 reasons why E-cigarettes are healthier for you than normal cigarettes!

A long-term study published in the Annals of Modern Medicine shows that e-cigarettes are safer and less toxic than ordinary cigarettes. Why? Well, here are the top reasons:

1. E-cigarettes help reduce cancer risk

We all know how closely smoking has been linked to lung cancer. Scientists in the UK discovered that people who swapped smoking regular cigarettes for e-cigarettes for at least six months had much lower levels of cancer causing substances in their body than people who continued to use the conventional cigarettes. People who used e-cigarettes while continuing to smoke did not show this same difference, showing us that it’s important to completely give up cigarettes if you want to improve your health.

2. E-cigarettes eliminate the risks of secondhand smoke

Every year, thousands of people die from health conditions sustained through inhaling secondhand smoke, usually from living with a partner who smokes or working in an environment where they’re exposed to regular smokers. With e-cigarettes, those who are used to smoking in social situations can get their nicotine hit without introducing harmful chemicals to those around them.

3. Vaping improves your financial health

As well as being healthier for your lungs, vaping is also better for your wallet. Cigarettes are constantly going up in price as more and more taxes are added in an attempt to discourage people from the habit. If you’re on a pack-a-day habit, you might be literally burning through $200+ every single week. That money could be much better spent on improving your life or on things you enjoy. Smokers can save up to 90% of smoking costs through switching to vaping. A pack a day smoker could vape for around $2 a day without dropping a single puff. This frees up your money for other things.

4. E-cigarettes can help you to quit smoking

Vaping gives a smoker the opportunity to make the switch without many of the hardships that have historically been associated with quitting smoking. Now, if a person wants to move away from the cigarettes they are able to continue with a nicotine product (which is what was driving them to smoking) while keeping many of the things – such as the habitual, ritualistic and social benefits – that they enjoyed about smoking.

5. Vapour doesn’t cling to your clothing or furniture like smoke

Cigarette smoke clings to your clothing, extending its negative health effects long after you’ve smoked through a packet. While the vapour has a delicious taste from the different flavourings, its reminance is generally odourless, meaning both your home and your clothing won’t stink any more.

6. Vaping reduces the risk of house fires

According to BBC research, up to ⅓ of UK house fire fatalities are caused by cigarette smoking. Dying in a fire is obviously a very big health risk, so it’s good to know that since vaping doesn’t use a flame, there’s far less danger of a fire.

7. Vaping reduces health risks to your children

The health effects of secondhand smoke and smoke-filled homes impact children even more than adults. Small, still-forming lungs suffer from asthma, cancerous growths, and other horrific defects. Keep your children safe by always smoking outside, or better yet – start vaping instead. If you’re unsure where to go for high quality vaping products in New Zealand, then look no further than NZVAPOR. Buy a range of e-cigarettes and e-juice for overnight delivery. SHOP NOW

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