Our top High-VG vape e-juice flavours

Many vapers love high-VG juices. A high-VG juice produces big clouds, making them great for doing vape tricks. If you don’t like the harsh-throat hit of high-PG juices, or you prefer direct inhale vaping, then high-VG is the right choice for you.

If you have never used high-VG liquids before just be aware that the thicker viscosity of high-VG juices can cause problems if you don’t have the right kind of tank. Be sure to use a sub-ohm coil system and a high flow tank. In short; to avoid dry burning, make sure your e-cigarette rig is capable of wicking a thick e-liquid.

We stock a huge range of delicious high-VG flavours. Here are some of our most popular:

Disco Dust

Charge your senses with a bit of oral euphoria. Disco Dust is one of our most popular high-VG flavours, combining a special blend of dark berries, spiked with a cranberry hit and laced with sherbet to give your taste buds a buzz.

My Sweet Missy

Take yourself on a date with My Sweet Missy. Take her out and treat her right, and this perfect mix of sweet strawberry and vanilla ice-cream will keep you coming back for more.

Still Hangin’

If you’re still hangin’ for the flavour of full-tobacco, we’ve created this flavour just for you. Still Hangin’ incorporates the traditional Virginia Sweet flavour in a high-quality high-VG e-juice.

Full Custardy

Take full ownership of this creamy custard, sweet vanilla and coconut e-liquid, for the full duration of its contents. We have a sweet deal on Full Custardy for all single parents – use the discount code SOLO in the checkout to grab a 10% discount.


Blue raspberry slushie and frozen dragonfruit combine to surprise and delight your senses in Drei, our Miami-style cocktail-flavoured high-VG e-juice. A distinctly sweet, cool flavour that delights even hardened vape connoisseurs.


You’re too old to blow bubbles with gum now, so why not keep the flavour you love and blow clouds instead? Chuddy is a classic kiwi flavour you’ll remember from your childhood, brought back as a delicious high-VG e-juice.

All our e-liquids are AFNOR compliant and made with quality ingredients sourced from America. If none of these flavors float your boat, we offer a huge range of tobacco, fruity, sweet, alcoholic and kiwiana flavours on the NZVAPOR website.

For high quality e-cigarettes and vaping products in New Zealand, look no further than NZVAPOR.

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