Your Complete Vape Dictionary: S-U


We continue with the Vape Dictionary, giving you definitions for all the common vaping terms you’ll come across. (See the full Vape Dictionary A-CD-GM-NO-RS-U, and V-Z.)


Sensor – Advanced e-cigarettes include electronic sensors that detect when you’re taking a puff. The sensor provides power to the atomizer, eliminating the need for the manual button.

Series – Some mech mods have a dual battery configuration wired in series. This effectively doubles the voltage output but decreases the battery life.

Silica – Commonly used for wicks. Silica has a high melting point.

Smart Chip – A chip that provides customizable settings located within a battery unit.

Smokeless Cigarette – Another term for e-cigarettes, since they don’t produce smoke.

Stacking – some vapers stack batteries end-to-end to amplify the power. This is risky and we don’t recommend it.

Standard Resistance – the range of ohm ratings suitable for vaping devices (1.8 to 3.0 ohms.)

Starter Kit – A kit containing everything you need to start vaping. We offer a range of starter kits.

Sub-ohming – Experienced vapers who love massive clouds use sub-ohming with coils that have ohm readings below 1.0 ohm.

Sweet Spot – The perfect vape. This is different for every vaper, and involves the right resistance, the perfect e-juice with the ideal nicotine level, to the ideal e-cigarette, to getting the right voltage or wattage.


Tailpiping – When you direct drip and inhale without a drip tip.

Tank – Clearomizers with glass or plastic enclosures called tanks. These hold a larger volume of e-liquid.

Thermal Runaway – When you overheat a lithium-based battery because of overcharging, physical damage, stacking batteries, short-circuiting, faulty wiring among other electronic malfunctions.

Throat Hit – vapor hitting your throat. Cigarettes give a harsh throat hit, and many vapers are looking to replicate this, but others like a gentler throat hit.

Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) – This is a public health initiative that acknowledges people will continue to smoke and attempts to find ways to reduce the use of harmful nicotine-containing products (cigarettes).

Toot – drawing on an electronic cigarette.

Topping Off – when you add a few drops of e-liquid to a cartridge, cartomizer or tank, to fill it to capacity.

Triple Coil – triple coils produce massive amounts of vapor, though battery life is reduced because of the added draw on power. You see them in some cartomizers and rebuildables.

Tube Mod – e-cigarettes that have a tube shape.


Unprotected Battery – A type of battery that doesn’t have protection. Some of them can leak if they’re not correctly used. Others are made of safe materials.

USB Charger – A charger you can plug into a USB port.

USB Passthrough – A USB charging vape devices that allows you to vape while it charges.

Whew! There are so many terms! Did you learn something new about vaping from the glossary?

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