Your Complete Vape Dictionary: A-C


Beginners to the world of vaping can find the lingo quite overwhelming. There are so many new terms to learn and apply. Articles about vaping online often assume some level of prior knowledge, so skip over descriptions that help vaping newbies figure out what’s going on.

We’ve created this vaping glossary of some of the more common terms to help you parse vaping conversations. Let us know if it’s helpful!

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Advanced Personal Vaporizer (APV) – These “modified e-cigarettes” (mods) use replaceable batteries, and utilise variable voltage, variable wattage, or mechanical.

AFC – the small dial or screw you can use to adjust the drag. Stands for Air Flow Control.

Airflow – how much air gets sucked into the tank/atomiser.

All Day Vape – what vapers call their favourite e-juice, eg. “This Fizzberry is my all day vape!”

Amps – the higher the amps on your battery, the better they can handle lower resistance atomizers without overheating.

Analog – what vapers call regular cigarettes.

Atty – slang name for atomizer.

Atomizer – the section of your e-cigarette that’s heated to create the vapor.

Automatic – e-cigarettes that have batteries that automatically heat the atomizer.


Battery – the part that powers your cigarette. There are manual and automatic batteries – when you inhale, an automatic battery will switch on, whereas you have to press a button on a manual battery. PVs and mods often used Li-ion batteries.

Blanks – empty cartridges you can fill with the e-juice of your choice.

Boost – a box mod that allows you to increase the power instantly.

Box mod – An APV that can be either mechanical or variable, and can house up to four batteries. Box mods are, funnily enough, shaped like a box and are more powerful than tube mods, but they’re also larger.

Bridge – e-liquid is held here in a disposable atomizer.

BT – BIg Tobacco.


Car adapter – charge your e-cig in the car, just like you can plug in your phone.

Carcinogen – chemical compounds that have been shown to cause cancer. Many of the chemicals in cigarettes are carcinogenic.

Cartridge – A mouthpiece you attach to the atomizer. Cartridges are usually pre-filled.

Cartomizer – combining a cartridge and atomizer into one. They’re disposable and hold more e-liquid than cartridges.

Cig-A-Like – These are some of the simplest vaping devices that look just like a cigarette.

Charger – device for charging e-cigarette batteries.

Clouds – What vapers call the vape mist that’s produced during vaping. Some people love to produce huge clouds.

Coil – This is what actually heats or vaporizes e-liquid.

Connection – The type of threading your e-cigarette uses.

Custom mod – any APV or PV that’s not built by a company. Usually, these mods are handmade or assembled from found items.

Cutoff – how long you can drag on your e-cig before it cuts off the power. This is a safety feature to prevent the e-cig overheating.

Whew! There are so many terms! Did you learn something new about vaping from the glossary?

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