Vaping in Winter: Cool Tips for Chilly Vaping


New Zealand’s cold, wet winters can be particularly challenging for vapers who step politely outside for the occasional hit and whose vape kits can be somewhat sensitive to the cold. Fortunately, cold weather doesn’t have to ruin your vaping experience. Continue reading to learn the tips for vaping in cold weather so that you can make the most of your vape in NZ all year long, even in the frigid winter months.

1. Keep your vape device warm

The biggest impact that winter will have on your vaping experience is decreased vape battery life. In cold weather, the chemical reactions that happen inside the batteries occurs less efficiently. Long story short, your battery won’t last as long as it usually does.

So, if you know you’ll be vaping outside during the chilly NZ winter, leave your kit plugged into your vape battery charger as long as possible and try to keep it warm when you’re outside. Breast pockets are a great choice if you have them. Alternatively, keep them in insulated pouches in your purse or bag.

2. Stick to shorter hits

In colder weather, your coil will need to do more work. As a result, you’ll likely feel less heat and throat hit with your draws. In reality, longer draws aren’t the answer to compensate for this, as long hits will further tax your battery and strain the vape atomiser. Ultimately, there’s not really a way to avoid a slightly diminished intensity when vaping in the cold, but your vape will thank you for accepting this cold reality!

3. Higher PG vape liquids have lower freezing points

Vape liquids, like most other liquids, will thicken when they’re cold. A thickened e-liquid will put strain on your coils and rob you of flavour and cloud size. You won’t be able to use frozen e-liquid at all, and you risk damage to your tank if the e-liquid freezes within.

Fortunately, most of New Zealand never experiences the kind of temperatures that would leave you with a block of vape ice. However, if you’re living in the South Island or among the Southern Alps, in cities like Queenstown or Invercargill where temperatures occasionally drop below freezing, or if you plan on travelling to somewhere colder than New Zealand, consider vape liquids with higher PG ratios. Propylene Glycol has a particularly low freezing point, so a vape liquid with a higher PG ratio will be more resilient against the cold.

4. Avoid metallic tips

As a conductor, metal heats up quickly, but it loses heat quickly, too. Metal tips are long-lasting, durable, and easy to clean, but they also make for some uncomfortable vaping in the dead of winter.

5. Try vaping spicier flavours

A little benign brain manipulation doesn’t have to be a bad thing! If you’re planning on vaping outdoors, try some vape juice flavours that will add some extra heat. Cinnamon, especially, is a great choice for winter vaping. If you really want to trick your mind into feeling a bit warmer, try some flavours that will simulate a warmer environment. Tropical style vape liquids, with hints of pineapple, coconut, or mango, can send your mind straight to the beach, while a nice espresso e-liquid may just find you in front of a cosy fireplace!

Cool Vape Kit to Weather the Cold

A quality kit tends to prove its mettle in adverse conditions. At NZVAPOR, you’ll find the vape devices and e-liquids that hold up against those nasty single-digit temperatures. Check out our winter specials and shop for all your vaping needs today!


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