“VAPE” – The 2014 Oxford Dictionary Word Of The Year!


The word “Vape” means; to inhale and exhale the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device.

This is a very good thing! The more we can have the smoking population moving over to vaping the better! And the more prevalent words like this become, the more mainstream e cigarettes become. Which leads to more people quitting smoking. which leads to lives not being lost due to smoking. There is less stress on the health sector. People aren’t loosing loved ones like they were… The list of benefits goes on.

When entities like Oxford Dictionary take notice of things we should all do the same. The NZ Vaping scene has been emerging slowly and although there has been movement from smoking to vaping NZ is still going through the change process slower than other countries.

Although the media spread the words e cigarettes, ecigs, shisha pens, e-hookah, vaping, e juice, nicotine and other associated words with negativity (to make a good story) we all need to be sure of one thing; VAPING IS FAR HEALTHIER THAN SMOKING, and most have not even been attributed towards many nasty illnesses associated with smoking.

Ecigs have been around since 1995. What is unbeknown to most is e cigs and vaping have been through a huge amount of e cigarette testing, and as mentioned the benefits of vaping have been proven. But it is still hard to buy e juice in NZ, and it is especially still hard to legally purchase nicotine in NZ. NZVAPOR have spent a lot of time and money in making it possible for kiwi vapers to legally buy ejuice in New Zealand. When you order from us you purchase direct from our warehouse in the states, which makes you the importer, and that is 100% legal.

Check out this link for the Oxford Dictionary Word of the year release (and some interesting history on vaping too!). https://blog.oxforddictionaries.com/2014/11/video-word-of-the-year-2014-vape/

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