PRESS RELEASE – NZVAPOR Announce Great Savings on Kiwi Az & VapeJuice Ranges

Range of Kiwi AZ E-liquid flavors

As of April 2 this year, NZVAPOR will adjust their pricing on their Kiwi Az and VapeJuice ranges from $45 RRP to $35. They are doing this, despite their costs with the new vape regulations, which require different labelling. In relation to this, it may be of interest to know that NZVAPOR is New Zealand’s first ISO-certified E-liquid factory.

They were the first to create an ISO GRADE 5, purpose-built facility and continue to operate with the very best standards in the country. NZVAPOR has very strict production and sourcing policies, and controls all ingredients that go into their e-liquids. They also control where every ingredient comes from and the certification of the ingredients, the environment that the liquids are made in and the process of how they are made.

So, what does GRADE 5 ISO mean? It means NZVAPOR are actually cleaner than a surgery. Grade 5 is 30 times cleaner than a grade 8, which is the minimum standard for clean rooms. That means that when you purchase their e-liquids, you are able to be absolutely 100% certain that there are NO unexpected contaminants – they work hard, so you have peace of mind!

New Zealand vape studies have proven that high-nicotine e-liquids are more effective than patches, gum and other nicotine replacement products. NZVAPOR have always known that NICOTINE is the key to what people want, so they have built their business as a responsible provider of e-cigarettes and have e-liquids in varying levels to suit all users.

Additionally, they actively work with NZ lawmakers, public health, the Ministry of Health and Health Promotion Agency, the National Institute for Health Innovation and more, to ensure that their data is accurate.

Since 2012 NZVAPOR have refined their policies, products and procedures, their techniques and facilities are registered and they always strive to be the best.

So when you purchase from them, just remember – NZVAPOR officially has the cleanest facility in NZ (and possibly the Southern Hemisphere), so for more information on vape battery chargers NZ, best vape tanks and vape atomizers please go to

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