NZVAPOR Applaud the Australian Vaping Community

PRESS RELEASE – NZVAPOR Applaud the Australian Vaping Community’s Protest Against Their Government’s Attempting to Prohibit Nic Containing Vape Products

NZVAPOR have been looking at the current situation in Australia, where they were planning on shutting down the border for nic containing vape products, and the implications of that for ex-smokers (having to go back to smoking) and current smokers (not being able to make the switch). NZVAPOR believe that any government trying to make their country smoke free should beware of such measures. 

However, this move has now been postponed by the Australian government and they are now intending to streamline the regulations for importing nicotine containing eliquids. In other words, the protest that the Australian vaping community organised has worked.

If this had happened vapers would have gone back to smoking and smokers would have been denied access to a legitimate quitting aid. It would seem to be unscientific and irrational to ban vaping nicotine which is far safer alternative for smokers while we allow the widespread availability of deadly combustible cigarettes. Vapers are exposed to far fewer chemical toxins than smokers, have far fewer toxins in body tissues and experience substantial improvements in health after switching from smoking.

According to the UK Royal College of Physicians, long-term vaping is likely to be no more than 5% of the risk of smoking. Studies suggest that vaping is up to twice as effective as nicotine replacement products such as patches and gum. Most smokers want to quit and try and fail repeatedly. Vaping provides an exit strategy for smokers who are otherwise unable to quit and has helped millions of smokers to quit worldwide.

The changes would have made vaping unavailable for Australia’s three million current smokers, so for more information on smoke coils NZ, vape shops NZ and vape accessories NZ please go to

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