Musicians are switching from smoking to vaping, and we reckon it’s awesome


Sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll. The image of the musician’s life fueled by excess has always included cigarettes. Lemmy Kilmister, Keith Richards, Axl Rose, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Ville Valo … so many musicians constantly photographed with a cigarette hanging from their lips. Fans emulate the image, and many smokers start on cigarettes because they saw their favourite band doing it.

That’s why we think it’s awesome to see so many more musicians (as well as celebrities) embracing vaping. Because so many smokers (especially young smokers) look up to musicians, it’s great to see them presenting alternatives to cigarette smoking and helping to increase vaping profile as an alternative and a way to help quit.

As more concert venues across the world become smokefree, musicians are hard-pressed to find a place to have a smoke without being mobbed by fans waiting outside. The negative health effects of smoking also take their toll, and many musicians are more health conscious than ever. They’re looking for alternatives to help them get rid of the habit. Vaping is an appealing alternative because it still gives a person something to hold, and the clouds of vape swirling around add to the “rockstar” image.

Barry Manilow, Courtney Love, Robbie Williams, Katy Perry, and Paul Weller are just some of the musicians who’ve switched to vaping.

Stars like Dave Navarro are taking it one step further, and openly discussing his switch to vaping from smoking. Navarro claims that vaping literally “saved his life” by enabling him to quit smoking.

The Foo Fighters feature a vape pen prominently in their video for the song ‘Run’.

The band GWAR have gone one step further, and released a whole range of e-juice flavours inspired by their fun, gory branding. You can choose from flavours such as Spew, Jizmoglobin, and Bloodbath. The Swedish death metal band Despite have also released their own brand of e-juice.

It’s great to see bands – who’ve contributed to the popularity of smoking – embracing vaping. The vape scene will continue to grow alongside the rock scene, and we’ll likely see more musicians and bands endorsing vape products. It looks like the picture of the brooding rock star in leathers with a cigarette dangling from their lips might one day be a thing of the past.

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