“E-cigarettes are healthier than smoking” says Health England.

In a statement released on 18th August 2015 Public Health England stated “Not only are e-cigarettes 95% less dangerous than tobacco, they are also among the most effective quitting aids. If all of England’s eight million smokers switched to e-cigarettes overnight more than 75,000 lives a year would be saved”.

This is great news and shows a definite shift in the tide, but we are not out of the water yet! Although this is a massive tell of how the mindset is changing, they also stated that they would want e-cig sales to be restricted to prescription… Not exactly ideal.

There are a whole lot of vapers around the world working VERY hard to keep the pressure on those who have been blinkered to the benefits of e-cigs, and these sorts of breakthrough moments for the vaping community shows us all that the hard work is not a lost cause. But as the fights are fought we need to continue to be battle hardened, and we need to remember that we WILL NOT settle for a second tier negotiation.

Yes it is great that officials are beginning to understand how e-cigarettes can affect smokers, and yes it is great that they are publicly mentioning this, but if we are to allow the sale of nicotine e-juices to be controlled by doctors alone, there is no doubt that we vapers are settling for second best.

E-juices and e-cigarettes should be readily available!

There should definitely standards. We need to be sure vaping products are restricted to minors, and we should be sure we are offering the NZ vapers products that have proven their quality. Most NZ vape vendors would agree on that. But we should also be sure that we are offering easy access of these products to any smoker or adult who might otherwise pick up a cigarette. By restricting e-cigs and/or e-juice to a prescription product we will never see the full potential of what these wonder products can do. Most people who would kick the cigarettes with e-cigs would not necessecarily visit the doctor before purchasing a product. Every person we had the potential to reach but miss is a fail – Prescription policy would only create missed opportunities.

So… Lets just make sure we are clear. The statement put out in the UK is a GREAT step in the right direction, but let’s see it for what it is; a step. Keep up the good work and keep the noise levels right up! We ARE being heard, and we ARE making progress. The progress will continue!

CLICK HERE to see the statement

CLICK HERE to see the Times UK release (at the time of writing this was on the front page)

CLICK HERE to see The Guardian release

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