Text from “Samantha’s Kiwi Review. NOTE – NZVAPOR have since upgraded the tanks in all e-cigarette starter kits to the Kangertech T3S (much better).

I have been a smoker for far too long now and would so love to give up completely but have had no success with efforts to break the habit. I had never tried an ecigarette in the past so was keen to get on board with reviewing one through KIWIreviews. My hopes where that I could cut down the amount I smoke by getting a nicotine hit in a different way. Well I have had some success in my efforts and I am certain I can have continued success in using this kit.

I received this kit and a NZ vapor [E-JUICE NAME REMOVED FOR LEGAL REASONS – CLICK HERE TO SEE THE CUSTOMERS WORDING] flavoured eJuice. I read the instructions of how to use the two products and soon had my ecigarette loaded and ready to go. The instructions were very straightforward so I had no trouble in following them and assembling the cigarette took a matter of seconds. You can also dismantle the cigarette again to store it in it’s case for easy transportation when you are going out which is great as it really is a 2 go kit.

The first thing I noticed when I started inhaling was that you get a little head rush I wasn’t expecting this being it is not a normal cigarette but it must have enough nicotine to give you a little hit. It is super easy to use you just push the button on the top side of the ecig while you are inhaling. You get a little bit of vapor which you can blow out so it looks and feels like you are actually smoking a cigarette but without the harmful stuff.

When I start to feel like a cigarette I get this out and have a few inhales every now and then until I really want to go and have a cigarette. I have been able to delay having a smoke for a couple of hours at a time by using this instead so I would of at least halved my cigarette intake in the week I have had this kit. I am certain I can continue to cut this down as this kit makes it easy to give you a little hit when you need it.

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