Best Menthol Vape Juices To Cool Your Throat This Summer

Woman vaping menthol vape juice in summer

It’s that point in the year where all you want to do is to sit outside and soak up the beautiful New Zealand sunshine. We share some of the best menthol vape juices to help keep things cool this summer.

VAPURE Salts—Arctic Ice

VAPURE Salts Arctic Ice

Arctic Ice is a classic menthol nicotine vape juice, bringing an intense burst of ice that’ll send you right to the arctic and back in a single puff. This pure menthol flavour is better left to those who love that cold, icy breeze hitting the back of their throat. One of the best menthol vape juices around, Arctic Ice is the equivalent of jumping into a pool on a hot summer’s day—providing an icy escape from the heat.

Vapetasia—Iced Pineapple Express

Vapetasia Iced Pineapple Express

Iced Pineapple Express by Vapetasia Salts is pure fruity, frosty deliciousness, jammed into a little E-juice bottle. Sweet pineapple flavour takes over the tastebuds on inhale while the menthol will cool your throat on exhale. The tangy, tropical flavour is balanced perfectly with the refreshing menthol hints to provide one of the best vape juices for summer. If you haven’t boarded the Iced Pineapple Express, it’s time to buy your ticket!

VE Salts—273

VE Salts -273

273 is the chilliest vape juice that VE Salts has brought to the table yet. A combination of menthol, peppermint, and wintergreen provides an intense icy gust. This minty vape juice is the perfect quick cool-off for a hot summer’s day, paired with the smooth throat hit from the salted nicotine. Bring on a refreshing vaping experience with the icy clouds of 273.

Vape Squad—Epsilon

Vape Squad Epsilon

Kiwifruit wouldn’t be the first flavour to come to the mind of a vaper, but Vape Squad’s Epsilon has perfected the kiwifruit flavoured vape juice. The light kiwifruit flavouring is sweet, just the right amount to not overpower the flavour of the vape juice. As the kiwi works its magic, a massive blast of menthol brings a refreshing chill that will leave any vaper wanting more. Hide this flavour from your friends, they’ll most definitely want to get their hands on it!

MBV Hawk Sauce

MBV Hawk Sauce

A fruity tropical drink—served with ice—in the form of e-liquid, Hawk Sauce by Mount Baker Vapor is a cocktail of mouth-watering fruity freshness. This berrylicious e-juice carries the flavour of blackberry and raspberry for a sweet flavour, with just a hint of sour. The menthol balances out the flavours perfectly and provides a nice escape for any vaper on a hot day. The menthol flavour is less powerful in this vape juice, making it ideal for those who aren’t quite sure if that minty vaping experience is for them.

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