Signs of a Burnt Vape Coil & When to Change It

Vape coil with burnt coil & cotton

The coil is one of the most crucial parts of a vape. Read on to learn all about coils, how often you should switch them, and the signs of a burnt vape coil!

Why Change Your Coil?

Vape coils are essential for a vape to function properly. A coil is a wire, usually spiral-shaped, wrapped around cotton or another wicking material. The coil heats the vape juice that has soaked inside and vapour is produced, ready to inhale. Unfortunately, vape coils are disposable and need regular replacement.

After enough use, coils begin to burn out, or eventually, your E-juice will begin to collect within the coil, resulting in weak flavour. A blocked or burnt vape coil has an enormous impact on the vaping experience; you’ll know if you’ve ever had a puff from one. The vape juice not only loses its flavour, it also gains a new one. A burning one. And that is not good for inhaling.

Once burnt through, a coil will create a block and stop electricity flowing through the connection, stopping vapour production altogether. It’s crucial to ensure your vaping experience is the cleanest possible.

How Often Should You Change Your Coil?

Ultimately, this will depend on your vaping habits and general usage. Accidentally firing your vape or taking long puffs can reduce the life of your coil. Other factors such as power settings, low vape juice levels, and the vape hardware itself can impact how long your vape coil will last. Generally, vape coil’s should last 1-2 weeks with regular use.

What Are the Signs of a Burnt Coil?

The taste is going to be the biggest giveaway—especially if you’re expecting a flavour you love—if the flavour is a little weaker, your coil might be close to needing a replacement. In worse situations, your coil may be more severely burnt, in which case, you’ll likely experience one of the worst possible coughing-fits you can imagine. Once you start to notice the loss of flavour or the burnt taste, you should consider changing it in the next couple of days.

The other sign is visual, sometimes if you can see the wicking material, you may notice a colour change. If this has become much darker and with less vapour production, you’ll need to put in a new coil for a clean and cloudy vaping experience.

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