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How to Clean and Care for your Hardware
How to Clean and Care for your Hardware Vaping gear is an investment, especially when you start getting into more advanced mods. You want to take good care of your kit so you can continue to enjoy your vape experience.Here’s how to clean and maintain the different parts of your vape kit so that..
Finding the right vape device for you
Finding the right vape device for youSo you’re a smoker and you’ve decided you want to try vaping… welcome. I know it can feel a little overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from, and getting a handle on the terminology can feel like learning a whole new language.Luckily, we’re here to h..

In light of the recent reports about ‘Big Tobacco’ entering the NZ vaping market, NZVAPOR would like to issue an official statement.

QJ Satchell, NZVAPOR’s founder and Managing Director would like to confirm that he, his staff, his business partners and/or companies have never taken any funding, information, support or help from any tobacco company...

E-liquids, mods, and accessories: The Essential Guide
When you start vaping, you’ll grab yourself a simple starter kit. You get a certain type of experience and it’s great. But it’s not until you’re hooked on vaping that your eyes are opened to all the different options and accessories you can use to create a unique vape.From different types of e-liqui..
What it takes to make high quality e-liquids
Thanks to the rise in popularity of vaping (and the lack of regulation in New Zealand) you may feel overwhelmed at the number of e-liquids on the market. There are literally thousands of choices available online and in stores, all with a range of different flavours and price points. You’ll ofte..
The Future of Vaping Legislation and Regulations in NZ
Indulge me as I get out my crystal ball and look into the future, where we consider what regulations and legislation may impact vaping. Here’s what I think we’ll see in the coming years.The government will regulate vaping in NZIn 2018, the government announced plans to regulate vaping. They intend t..
Debunking the myths of vaping
Even as more scientific research is being published about the benefits of vaping to help people quit smoking, harmful myths are abound. In the media and popular culture, people whisper rumours that spread like wildfire and quickly become “facts”. Here’s our guide to some of the most recent myth..
How your physical and mental health benefits when you quit smoking
When you’re trying to motivate yourself to quit smoking, one of the things that can help is to understand all the benefits that wait for you on the other side. Improving your physical and mental health is just one of the many benefits of quitting, but it’s perhaps the most important. Let’s take a lo..

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Bay of Plenty District Health Board Innovation Award 2019
Congratulations to Sarah and the team at Te Teo Herenga Waka, Tauranga, for winning the ‘Bay of Plenty District Health Board Innovation Award 2019’ for their ‘Vaping in the Mental Health Inpatient Ward’ Project! The team at NZVAPOR is proud and happy to have provided the necessary devices and it wil..
The NZVapor Top 95 Countdown
The NZVapor Top 95 Countdown - voting is now open!95bFM is celebrating our fiftieth anniversary this year! And what better way to look back on fifty years of bloody brilliant broadcasting than by celebrating what we do best - music.We’re compiling a list of the 95 best bFM tunes of all time as voted..
NZVAPOR Presents The Georgies Afterparty
New Zealand get ready for an Awards Ceremony that you can actually give a shit about! “The Georgies” NZ’s Music and Lifestyle awards is back for 2019!After the awards ceremony, live on George FM - The whole crew will be hitting The Studio for an epic party.FlowidusOtosanBad MannersSly ChaosAnd Sin f..
NZVAPOR presents The Georgies
George FM wants to shake hands with the best artist of the year, throw two thumbs up to the hottest DJ. Salute the salubrious venues, give a golf clap to the best fest, and give the nod of approval to NZs best threadsIt's back for 2019, NZVAPOR presents the third annual Georgie Awards.A celebration ..
Ministry of Health Vaping Facts - Even more reason to join NZVAPOR!
Quitting smoking can be tough. Vaping is a way to quit cigarettes by getting nicotine with fewer of the toxins that come from burning tobacco. You get to stay social, spend less, and once you’ve quit smoking you’ll feel better for it. Although vaping’s much less harmful than smoking, it’s not harml..
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