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Tobacco E-Liquid

Especially in the early days of quitting smoking, tobacco flavoured vape juice is key.

We really know how to make tobacco e-liquids! We quit the stinkies too, so we know exactly what a smoker wants – straight up tobacco flavours.

From January 2024 due to NZ regulation, the new name for the product is changing to VAPUTRE CHILL MENTHOL MINT

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  • VAPURE SALTS Arctic Ice

  • VAPURE SALTS Perfectly Mint

  • VAPURE SALTS Premium Blue

  • VAPURE SALTS Premium Gold

  • VAPURE SALTS Premium Red

  • VAPURE SALTS Premium Silver

  • VAPURE SALTS Royale Vape

  • VAPURE Arctic Ice

  • VAPURE Premium Blue

  • VAPURE Premium Gold

  • VAPURE Premium Silver

  • VAPURE Perfectly Mint (Menthol Tobacco)

  • Still Hangin’ Vape Juice

  • MBV Coumarin Pipe Vape Juice

  • MBV Extreme Ice Vape Juice

  • MBV USA Blend Tobacco Vape Juice


NZVAPOR is a leading online vape shop in Australia featuring dozens of different e-liquid flavours and varieties to give you the vape experience you both desire and deserve. Have it your way with tobacco-flavoured e-liquids flooded with tastes that range from cool mints and menthols to red and other salt-based tobacco-flavoured vape juice options to choose from around the clock at NZVAPOR.

NZVAPOR makes tobacco flavour selection enjoyable by providing our customers with many options and alternatives to decide and select from. We supply our customers with a wide, robust and balanced tobacco-flavoured e-liquid product offering.

At NZVAPOR not only do we feature brands and designs made by us, but we also carry products created by partner brands like NASTY Salts, for our customers to choose from.

Search through our extensive inventory and find tobacco or other e-liquid flavours that resonate with you. Don’t wait, upgrade your vape experience today.Make NZVAPOR your one-stop shop for all of your vaping needs.

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