Your Complete Vape Dictionary: V-Z

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We continue with the Vape Dictionary, giving you definitions for all the common vaping terms you’ll come across. Check out the opther glossaries – A-C, D-G, H-L, M-N, O-R and S-U.


Vaper – you!

Vaper’s Tongue – When you vape one flavour of e-juice so much, you stop being able to taste it. Sometimes also refers to a niggling, tickling feeling on your tongue after vaping for a long period.

Vaping – What you’re doing when you use an e-cigarette.

Vent holes – To prevent the battery overheating, small vent holes have been added into the battery unit.

Vapor – (or clouds). A vapor made of heated e-liquid that simulates the “smoke” of cigarette smoke.

Vaporizer – an e-cigarette, or a device for vaping oil concentrates.

Vegetable Glycerol or Glycerine (VG) – One of the main ingredients in e-liquid, alongside Propylene Glycol (PG) A high concentration of VG will produce massive vape clouds, and 100% VG e-liquids are available for vapers who are allergic to PG.

Voltage – the electrical potential in your battery.

Voltage drop – if you use a mech, you may experience a rapid drop in power, resulting in less vapor.

Variable Voltage (VV) – some e-cigs allow you to adjust the voltage output.

Variable Wattage (VW) – some e-cigs allow you to adjust the wattage output of their PV. (which adjust power according to set wattage).


Watt (wattage) – How much power your coil uses. If you want lots of vapor, you need a higher wattage.

Wick – The wick delivers the e-juice to be heated, so it turns into vapor (a process called wicking). Most wicks are made from silica, organic cotton, or ceramic.

Wire – your atomizer’s coil.

Wrap – How many times you wrap the wick around your coil. The more wraps, the higher the resistance.

Whew! There are so many terms! Did you learn something new about vaping from the glossary?

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