Your Complete Vape Dictionary: D-G

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Continuing on from our Complete Vape Dictionary A-C, we’ve tried to define as many common vaping terms as we can think of.

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DCT – Dual Coil Tank – this tank uses punched cartomizers and can hold between 3-6ml of e-juice.

Deck – on a rebuildable atomizer, this is where you find the positive/negative posts.

Diacetyl – a buttery flavouring some manufacturers still use, that has been known to cause Popcorn Lung (Bronchiolitis obliterans) if a significant amount is inhaled. Most companies (including NZVAPOR) won’t use or stock it.

Disposable e-cigs – e-cigarettes you use until the e-juice is gone, then you throw them away.

Dragon Coil – wrapping the wick around the coil. Increases cloud productions.

Draw – inhaling vapor.

Drip – dropping e-juice straight onto the coil.

Drip shield – a cover you can put over the atomizer to catch any e-juice that leaks, so you don’t get the juice in you e-cigarette.

Drip well – concave shape for catching leaking e-liquid.

Dry burn – part of caring for your e-cig, dry burn means firing your atomizer when there’s no e-juice to burn off dried residue.

Dry hit – really gross sensation of dragging off you e-cig when it’s run out of e-juice.

Dual coil – having two coils instead of one. You get more vapor, but your battery won’t last as long.


E-Juice/E-Liquid – the flavoured liquid solution you add to your e-cigarette to create the vapor. The main ingredients are propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), flavoring, and nicotine. You can get some e-juices without nicotine. Also, there are different strengths of PG/VG, depending on the type of vape you enjoy.

Electronic cigar – an e-cigarette device that mimics the look of a traditional cigar. Has all the same features as a typical cigarette.

E-cigarettes – what we’re all here to talk about. The device consisting of a battery and atomizer, enabling you to heat e-juice to create vapor.

E-hookah – an attachment you can add to your hookah device to evaporate e-juice.


Filler – material inside cartridges and cartomizers that holds the e-juice.

Flooding – overfilling your atomizer causes flooding. You’ll know this has happened because you’ll get gurgling, popping noises and you won’t see much vapor.

FDA – an administrative branch of the US government who regulate food and drugs products. Many other countries take their cues from the FDA, so their decisions are vital to the continued popularity of vaping.

Formaldehyde – one of the more commonly known carcinogens that is inhaled during smoking, and may appear during vaping at extreme temperatures.


Genesis atomizer – atomizer made with steel mesh. The coil sits at the top of the tank, and uses osmosis to deliver the juice.

Glassomizer – A glass reservoir in a clearomizer.

Goose Neck – an extended mouthpiece. Named because it kind of looks like the neck of a goose.

Did you learn something new about vaping from the glossary?

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