What Kind of Vaper Are You? Looking into Vaper Stereotypes

A vaper is simply defined as someone who vapes with an e-cigarette, and can come in all shapes and sizes, from multiple backgrounds and personal histories. However, no matter how diverse the vaping community is, there are bound to be a few that fulfil typical vaping stereotypes—meaning there is a high chance of you recognising someone who falls into one of these categories (it could even be yourself!).

No matter which type you are, we believe the best way to deal with stereotypes is to simply steer into them! Join us in this light-hearted article as we celebrate and poke fun at the diverse archetypes of people with these 6 most recognisable vaper stereotypes.

Flavour Town

Flavour connoisseurs are always on the lookout for the perfect flavours and prefer taste over vapour production when it comes to choosing e-liquids. Some claim they can taste the difference between “gourmet” and mass-market produced blends, and are able to identify VG/PG ratios just through a blind taste test. Such vapers can be found spending hours on end sampling new blends in vape stores or just making their own e-liquids, and fiddling with their mods to create the ultimate flavour-delivery system.

Cloud Chaser

The cloud chaser is all about vapour production, and loves generating voluminous clouds. Flavour and nicotine are secondary components as long as they do not compromise the density of their clouds, and cloud chasers often only use e-liquids with a high VG, favouring low resistance coils and high-voltage mods. The best of the best can also be spotted participating in competitions, vying for the chance to take home the big prize with their best clouds.


These vapers thrive on pulling off the coolest of tricks. From smoke rings to tornadoes, they live to entertain and can sometimes be seen uploading videos of their efforts online or showing off to their vaper friends. At the end of the day, they do it just for their own personal satisfaction.


I’m sure we all have a tendency to hoard things sometimes, but this vaper takes hoarding to the extreme. They probably have a spare room in their house dedicated to storing vaping accessories, and own bottles upon bottles of vape juice. No matter the flavour or nicotine level, they just need to have it!

Mod Snob

Vapers in this category can spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to attain limited edition or bespoke products, and want only the best performing mods. They turn up their noses at inexpensive gear and claim to know the difference between a “good” and a “bad” mod, but will be all too happy to show off their prized possessions.

Casual Vaper

The trend follower, this vaper probably only decided to give vaping a shot because they saw someone else do it and thought it looked cool. They probably own a vape pen that they don’t hit very often, and has no idea about rebuilding coils or voltage drops, only how to refill a tank and hit that fire button—all of which are okay! In this day and age, you can’t fault someone for trying something new, and this is normally how hardcore vapers start getting into it, anyway!

What category do you fall into?

Did you find a stereotype that you identify with? Or perhaps you resonated with more than one? Don’t worry if you didn’t because there are just so many other vaper stereotype subsets out there, and no matter if you’re a seasoned vaper or a casual one, NZVAPOR offers vaping accessories and e-liquids to cater to everyone. Check out our wide range of products or visit our vape deals page to catch a bargain today!

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