Vaping while travelling: how to bring your vape with you wherever you go.

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Travelling is one of the great joys in life. Being able to take off to explore ancient ruins, navigate bustling cities, meander through unique natural landscapes and have crazy adventures help us all to learn more about the world around us.

While you’re travelling, you may want to vape. This means you’ll need to carry your vape gear with you, but it brings up all sorts of questions about what gear to bring, what’s allowed on the airplane and in your destination, and the best ways to store your gear.

Luckily, we have some great travelling while vaping tips:

1. Read up on the laws on vaping at your destination

Different countries across the world have different laws and regulations around vaping, and it’s best if you know what to expect before you go. After all, you do not want to have your gear confiscated or worse, end up in trouble with the authorities.

There are different laws for “importing” vape products in your luggage, buying vape products in the country, and the actual vaping.

Vapor Vanity has a great guide to some common travelling destinations and their vaping laws. Did you know, you need to bring a doctor’s note for your nicotine-containing juice if you’re going to Norway, and if you vape in public while in Brunei, you could be liable for a $500 instant fine. Tourists caught vaping in Thailand can face up to 10-years in prison, so don’t even try it!

2. Store your vape gear carefully

Here’s an important thing to know when packing your vape gear: The International Civil Aviation Organisation does not allow you to bring the batteries or mods in your checked-in luggage. This is the same with laptops, mobile phones, and anything else with a lithium ion battery. There have been a few instances where these have caused fires in the hold, and no one wants to have one of those.

So you need to store your batteries and devices in your carry-on luggage. You can put the e-liquids, drippers, and tools into your checked-in bags.

Vape tanks can leak during the flight because of the change in air pressure, so either empty your tank before the flight or make sure the drip tip faces downward in your bag. I prefer to wrap my tanks and bottles in bags to avoid spillage.

3. Pack spare e-liquids and batteries

When travelling, sometimes things go wrong. You might leave a battery at the hostel, or drop your e-liquid on the train. You should always pack more than you think you need, because where you’re going might not allow the sale of e-liquids.

In some countries I’ve heard vapers report customs telling them they’re only allowed one kit per person, so be aware of this, too.

Happy adventures! Check out our range of awesome vape gear on the NZVAPOR website, as well as an article on choosing high-quality vape gear.

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