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The business started with the sole intention of offering NZ smokers an effective alternative to smoking, but as word spread and sales soared it was quickly learned that to be a LEGAL and effective supplier in the NZ vape game the business needed to expand its horizons!

So ensure ongoing compliance with all NZ laws while being midnful of any negative impact on the supply of products; NZVAPOR worked hard on investing heavily in an efficient supply chain.

The directors of the company also had a personal necessity to ensure the products that are on offer are as pure and healthy as possible. So they scrimped, saved and even sold the family home, but finally managed to invest in a small manufacturing plant in USA.

The operation was set up and initial trial products began to flow from the plant, through the supply chain, to NZ. Over the next 12 months the focus was on refining the supply of hardware, speeding up the shipping process and most importantly – ensuring the e-juices were produced to the highest quality available.

We now have a world grade e-juice product that is available to NZ vapers in under a week. A great relief for those who have historically been waiting for up to 3 weeks for their product to arrive (normally from China where there are actually no standards – VERY bad!).

NZVAPOR are the manufacturers, so all ingredients that go into the juices are fully controlled – all ingredients are GRAS approved and are food or pharmaceutical grade, also the manufacturing plant is compliant American FDA rules. Why so picky? Because when we control what goes in the juice as an ingredient, we know what is going to be produced in the vapor at the other end!

Because the business is now operating efficiently and (importantly) legally, there is no chance of being shut down leaving the clients with no other option than to head back to the dairy. 

The company is all about support! If you have any questions you can contact the team anytime. Feel free to CLICK HERE for more info! Questions are welcome.

Spread the word and help us vape NZ better!

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