The NZ vape-haters have resorted to arguing an opinion

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Electronic cigarette products were heavily tested

So tests were run… Not just 1 or 2 – hundreds of tests were run, all around the world, many of them looking for ways to shut the vape industry down for good.

Products were tested for aldehydes, acetyls, effects on tissues were measured, second hand effects were watched, everything was tested… And the outcome? Inconclusive.

Every single test result that has been put forward has been proven to be flawed in some way. Whether that be dodgy funding, fudged results or inconsistent testing. The basic truth of it is – No one has been able to conclusively say that electronic cigarette use will kill 50% of its users – Unlike an analogue cigarette. They cant even say an e-cigarette will kill one person. There are currently 0 deaths linked to e-cig use… Zero.

So now we have the antis backed into a corner, and what is their next line of defence? There has obviously been a lot of thought go into it, we can not test for this. The latest line of hogwash that the anti-vape team have started spewing is: “the act of blowing a cloud is too similar to smoking”.

The truth about the haters

And here we were, led to believe they had our best interest at heart. We were told that vaping is bad for us and that we should avoid it like a contagious germ, so we proved that there was no germ, they told us that if we vaped we would recruit the young, so we proved e-cigarettes are NOT a gateway product. We have proven all of their fears to be nothing more than a misfiring blank. 

So what have these blinded smarty pants done now? They have resorted to pushing the one thing that can not be proven right or wrong, they have resorted to arguing an opinion. 
Why would someone do this though? Why would someone put people in harms way when the benefits are so obvious? Well lets just remember, the funding is only issued if there is a pandemic. The funding is only passed if there is enough of a potential risk. If there is no argument, the funding stops… Make what you like out of that.

The NZ vape industry is with the rest of the world – frustrated!

There are no apologies for the negative tone here. The frustration is real. We are on the edge of a revelation that could impact on the entire world but we are being blocked. We are being held back by a minority who will never change their mindset, they will continue to argue until they are proven wrong, then they will create another argument… And on it revolves. 

The negativity is forcing an impending powerhouse of evolution.

On the other hand, the good thing that comes from the constant backlash is that the vaping market is gaining more and more strength with every misguided, negative comment. The facts are being proven and the products are getting better. The constant pressure that is put on the electronic cigarette market is in fact forcing its evolution, creating an ever advancing line of devices and e-liquids that will one day refine to the point where the evidence is undeniable. 

Vapers around the world keep your hands cupped around your mouths, yelling at the top of your voice. Stay vocal, stay loud!

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