Bringing Your Vape Pen Back to Life

Pod vape device in hand

Nothing is worse than going to have a puff of your favourite premixed nicotine vape juice but ending up with the vape burning your throat. Whether the vapour isn’t quite tasting right, or the device isn’t working at all, there are a few things you should try before purchasing your next device. In this blog post, we share some simple hacks to bring your non-working vape back to life.

Check Your Connections

Vape liquid can sometimes escape the tank or pod, making its way into your device, which is a common cause of device difficulties. When the liquid seeps into your device, it can impact the connection between the pod/coil and the battery. This disruption to the connection can have two main effects on the device. In some cases, the device will not work at all or work, but at a poor power level. In other scenarios, it can cause the vape to continue firing when you’re not using it. A non-stop firing vape will burn through the coil like nothing and if you’re unfortunate enough, it can even give your hand a bit of a burn.

To make sure your connections are working properly, power off your device and remove the pod or tank from your device. Take a cotton bud or a tissue and gently clean out the inside of your device, drying up any liquid that has made its way out of the tank. Do this a few times until it looks clean and dry inside, pop the pod/tank back on, and give it a light puff to see if your troubleshooting was a success.

If you’re experiencing low levels of vapour being produced, it can pay to give your mouthpiece a clean too, as these easily collect dust and can become blocked throughout their lifetime.

Make Sure the Airflow is Sufficient

Sufficient airflow is key to making your device work properly. Pod vapes generally have smaller holes for airflow, usually only a few millimetres each, making them easily blocked up from dust, sand, or whatever’s in your pocket!

Generally, blowing through the airholes or bottom charging port on a pod device can be enough to remove any blockages and liquid that found its way through to the airholes. Try drawing from your device and see if you’ve cleaned your way to a fixed device!

Try a New Coil

Sometimes the issue is with the coil itself. A burnt-out coil is enough to ruin the entire vaping experience and leave you coughing up a storm. When you fill up a vape for the first time, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re waiting the right amount of time before taking the first puff. Taking the first hit of a new coil after just adding the E-liquid is the fastest way to burn out a brand-new coil.

If your coil has been fine but is tasting a bit burnt earlier than it should, then you may have over-fired your device by accident or received a faulty product. After trying and failing with the previous techniques, it’s worth installing a new coil to see if it draws properly.

Check for a Warranty

Many vapes come with a warranty so it’s always worth digging up your old box or manual. Look for your proof of purchase and see if you’ll be able to get a new device under warranty. Not all devices will have a warranty, but if yours does, you’ll be thankful you looked!

When All Else Fails, Grab a New Device from NZVAPOR

If you’ve tried all our suggestions but still haven’t had any luck, it’s likely the end of the road for your device. Fortunately, we’ve got all the greatest vape devices available, with an enormous range of juices to try. Whether you’re after a new device or just looking to buy Smok coils, you can find all the essential vape gear at NZVAPOR. Browse the full range online and make the switch today.

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