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So National got another spell in the hot seat! It will be interesting to see if there is any progress in the regulation of the nz ecig market on the back of this. With the government in place for another 3 years they will have time to think about things like the nz ecigarette testing results and the impact that the New Zealand vaping market and NZ ecig might have on those who are trying to quit smoking. As mentioned in previous blogs NZVAPOR do not recommend to the ecigs nz market that ecigarettes be used as a cessation aid to smoking, but should be more seen as a healthier alternative to smoking. Here is a link that offers some compelling results on testing of vaping V.s. patches. We all know nicotine patches have historically been the preferred option for government agencies that help people to stop smoking. Use this info on nz ecigarette testing as you please and decipher the results for yourself.

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