Minding Your Vaping Manners: Vape Etiquette Essentials

As much as we love to vape in NZ, we know there is a time and a place for it. Practising tricks and blowing thick clouds may be extremely fun and satisfying, but it’s important to be mindful of where and when you do this so no one around you gets put out.

Here are some vaping etiquette rules to follow so you don’t become known as “that” vaper!

1. Head outside

The most courteous thing to do in most situations is to head outside for a hit. Once you are outside, you still need to be mindful. It’s not very pleasant having a stranger blow a cloud in your face as you’re walking down the street, so step out of the way and blow your vapour away from any passers-by.

2. Ask for permission

If you’re in a situation where you aren’t sure if vaping is allowed, just ask! Most venues will have their own policy on vaping and will be happy to let you know if you can have a hit inside or not.

Even if you’re hanging with friends or colleagues, it’s best to ask the people you’re with if they don’t mind you vaping near them. Some people might be offended if you pull out an e-cig or vape mods and start blowing clouds near them. Just remember that vaping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and be respectful of this.

3. Don’t stealth vape

Stealth vaping is the act of disguising your vape or hiding it in your sleeve, so you can get away with using your device in prohibited places. This type of behaviour gives vapers a bad rep and is not a good look in any situation. Don’t let yourself be tempted, either head outside or wait until you get home to vape.

4. Avoid vaping in the car

In general, you should avoid vaping in the car. Clouds can build up and impair your vision which makes for dangerous driving. It’s also important to keep both hands on the wheel! Save your vaping for when you park. Keep in mind that it is illegal to vape in the car with an under 18-year-old present in New Zealand.

5. If in doubt, follow smokers rules

Many vapers have transitioned from smoking, so chances are you already know a lot about smoking etiquette. Most of these rules translate to vaping as well, so if you’re in a situation where you aren’t quite sure, just think “would it be okay to blow smoke in here?”

If not, then chances are it’s a no to vaping as well.

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