Is your vape making popping or crackling sounds? This could be why

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We get lots of troubleshooting questions from vapers, and a common one from beginners is that their vape is making a popping sound. Many people are worried this means their vape pen is somehow broken or malfunctioning. I can understand why that would be a worry!

But you can relax, because most of the time, this sound is nothing to worry about. However, by paying attention to the tics and changes in your vape, you can catch issues before they become a big deal. So here are some reasons why your e-cigarette is making popping or crackling noises, and what to do about them.

A totally normal POP!

As the e-juice is being heated by the coil and turns into vapor, it makes a quiet crackling noise. The type of device you use will depend on how loud this noise will seem to you, and people who take deep, intense puffs may also notice the noise is louder.

Wattage and voltage and noise

A sub-ohm e-cigarette will usually crackle more than a standard setup because it increases the amount of e-liquid that will condensate – the more liquid, the louder the noise. You can adjust the airflow on a sub-ohm tank to reduce the amount of e-liquid – give this a go and see if it makes a difference.

If you’re using a low wattage, you’re making it harder for the e-cig to vaporize the e-liquid. As well as getting the noise, you risk flooding your atomiser and ending up with e-juice in your mouth. Try increasing the wattage and you should find the noise gets a bit quieter.

Choose different e-liquids

The thinner your e-liquid, the more likely you are to end up with a flooded coil and the popping and spitting in your atomiser. This is much more likely to happen with high-PG juices. The higher quality your e-juices (try the NZVAPOR range made from American ingredients in an accredited laboratory), the less likely you are to end up with this issue.

Check your coil

Some coils are twisted or braided, which produces a bigger surface area to get more vapor. This can also cause louder popping sounds as the e-liquid gets into all the little spaces in the braid. This isn’t exactly preventable, but it’s something to look out for when considering a new e-cigarette device.

Some people also get the popping sound if their device has a narrow drip, as condensed vapor can get stuck inside and block the fow. Another feature to look out for is a wider drip/chimney.

The best thing to do is to learn to appreciate the cracks and pops as part of the vaping experience. A mate of mine says it’s like “sitting next to a cosy crackling fireplace.” But if it’s really annoying you, then try a few of these tricks and see if you notice a difference.

At NZVAPOR we stock a range of e-cigs and e-juices for you to choose from, so you can experiment and find the perfect mix and flavour for you.

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