How Vape Nation benefited the vaping community

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If you haven’t heard of Vape Nation, it’s a viral comedy skit produced by H3H3 Productions. Our intrepid host Ethan Klein as he visits his favorite vape hangouts and blows “fat vape clouds.”

The show’s insanely popular, with millions of hits. The hashtag #vapenation has more than 4 million posts, and words like “Vape naysh”, “fat clouds”, and “go green” have entered common vocabulary. It introduced millions of people to vaping, and angered parents all over the world who claimed that the show was turning a new generation of kids into drug addicts.

Ludicrous parental objections aside, lots of vapers hate Vape Nation for presenting vapers in a bad light, and making fun of the lifestyle.

Personally, we’re not haters. While we’re serious about the benefits of vaping, we can definitely have a laugh at ourselves. The Vape Nation videos are made purely for entertainment – they not designed to teach people about vaping.

In fact, we regularly have people ask us about things they saw in Vape Nation. We love that the show is encouraging people to learn more about vaping and vape culture and ask questions. We’d love to hear from more people who are curious about vaping after watching Vape Nation.

I think it’s obvious to anyone that, as funny as Ethan is, he doesn’t represent vape culture any more than he represents stoner culture or any culture at all. Ethan is actually a vaper, and like all his videos, this was meant to be an affectionate parody.

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What do you think of Vape Nation? Was it a bit of fun that helped bring vape culture to the masses, or did it pointlessly paint vapers in an embarrassing light?

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