E-cigarette trials gave us some interesting insights

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“Try our electronic cigarettes and all e-liquid flavours for free!” was the call.

It’s always pretty easy to get people in when you have something free to offer. But it’s what we take from the visit with a potential vaper that makes the difference.

This year, apart from wanting to sell a few e-cigs and e-juices, we had a bit of an agenda – we wanted to learn more about how people are feeling about vaping and e-cigarettes on the whole.

So as the hoards of people who were interested in vaping constantly flowed through our stand over the 3 day event, we fired a few questions and listened to the answers!

Here are some of the questions that came from punters:

* Are these those e-cigarettes that help you to quit smoking?

* Are those those dangerous things that blow up in your face?

* Where can I buy e-cigs with nicotine e-juice?

* Can I buy some nicotine juice today? Do you have any here?

* Aren’t e-cigarettes worse for you than normal cigarettes?

* Is it better to have nicotine in an electronic cigarette?

* Why is it illegal for NZ stores sell nicotine e-liquid when anyone can sell nicotine in cigarettes?

* Why are some stores selling nicotine over the counter and you only sell on your website?

It was really refreshing to talk to so many people who had a genuine intrest in our products. And very humbling to attract such a huge flow of traffic – our vape stand was pumping pretty much the whole time! Frustratingly almost ALL those who bought from us wanted nicotine but had to be pointed to the website – Because of NZ’s dated laws we dont move nicotine in NZ and all orders have to be sent to the client from our warehouse.

I absolutely LOVE running the stand at shows, I could do it every weekend (if I didn’t have kids). But to be honest it is quite concerning that there is just so much misconception about vaping. It is blindly obvious that the spread of misinformation has confused possible vapers (current smokers) into holding off.

If you think about the questions above, and think about how we can legally answer (with integrity) in an effective way. We can only be relatively vague or tell our own story. We can’t reply with things like “yeah for sure they will help”, or “here is how we recommend you use e-cigarettes to stop smoking”, we can only state out own story… Fortunately my story is very positive:


* I am generally healthier now,

* I can breathe better,

* I cough less (not at all),

* I don’t get sick like I used to,

* My skin is better (in a manly way),

* My doctor reports have massively improved,

* I save thousands of dollars (but spend it on other stuff),

* The list goes on!

And many of my clients tell me the same thing. They see the benefits too.

Unforutunately though, the trip that I took might not suit someone else. So where does that leave us…Where does that leave them? Luckily I am a pretty confident speaker, I’m reasonably sure that most of the time I managed to get the story across 🙂 Hopefully I have been able to help a few smokers to make the decision.

So this year we listened. And we have heard. We have already begun the process of a tweaking our strategy on HOW WE CAN HELP SMOKERS. We have always been focussed on smokers, and every day we learn a little more, but Big Boys Toys was an excellent opportunity to cram a whole bunch of extra info in, in a short period.

We have now heard things on a decent scale: what concerns potential vapers have, we understand their thought process and apprehensions, we know what they want how they want to achieve it. AND WE HAVE LEARNED A LOT ABOUT HOW WE CAN HELP THEM!

Watch this space…


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