Crack Down on Vaping in New Zealand (SUPERMARKET NEWS)

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The Ministry of Health is amid discussions with NZVAPOR to implement new rules and standards for the vaping industry in New Zealand.

Both NZVAPOR and The Ministry of Health are confident that the standardization of the vaping industry will be a good thing for New Zealanders. QJ Satchell, Managing Director of NZVAPOR spoke positively about the upcoming regulations. “The announcement is more conservative than I had expected, however, it’s a positive move and a chance for Kiwis to have their say on an important issue facing our society. It means there will be a minimum standard that all vaping products have to adhere to.”

New regulations will include ridding the market of youth labelling, having frosted windows on all vape stores and making any vaping products not visible for general retail sale. Consumers will have the opportunity to give their points of view on the proposed regulations during a public consultation. Following this, the regulations will be issued under the Smoke-Free Environment Act in 2019.

According to the latest IRI research, there are approximately 200,000 Kiwi’s who use vape products. Of those vaping, 54 percent are ex-smokers who have fully switched to vape, and 36 percent are dual users. With vapers being in such large numbers in New Zealand, the proposed regulations are likely to draw a great deal of consumer attention.

By Supermarket News
Published 05:00, Nov 23 2018

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