Before you can be given a clear answer to this question you need to separate the electronic cigarette from the e-liquid. Electronic cigarettes are the hardware part of the vaping kit (I.e. “hardware” is the battery, tank and atomiser). The other part that you need is the e-juice (sometimes called e-liquid). This is the stuff that is vapourised and contains the nicotine (if nicotine options have been chosen).

Answer to the question: Can I buy nicotine e-cigarettes in NZ – Part 1

The hardware (the physical e-cigarette) is fully legal to purchase in NZ. There are no problems at all with those. You can buy them, swap them, trade them, what ever, there are no probs.

Answer to the question: Can I buy nicotine e-cigarettes in NZ – Part 2

This is the part that you need to be careful with. Nicotine based e-juice is ONLY able to be sold or purchased legally by way of importation for personal use. You are not allowed to move nicotine e-liquids IN ANY WAY from within NZ to another place in NZ. That means you can not legally sell, gift, or pass nicotine based e-juice to anyone else. Also you are not allowed to receive nicotine e-juices at all unless you have imported it for personal use.

The ONLY way to buy nicotine e-juice legally in NZ is by buying online!

This is where comes in handy! Lucky for you NZVAPOR have set ourselves up so YOU can purchase nicotine e-juices in NZ in a way that is 100% compliant with ALL NZ LAWS. We do not do anything dodgy and we do not duck from authorities (infact we are working with them as much as possible). That means you have access to a safe and secure way of purchasing your e-juice without having to engage in an illegal transaction!

We are working very hard with authorities to have the access of nicotine e-juice more easily accessed by NZ vapers. Please follow us on social media to help us fight this worthy battle. The power is in the numbers! Click the links below to see us on social media.






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