98% of vapors can’t blow smoke rings: here’s why

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Blowing vape rings, tornadoes, jellyfish, and other vape “tricks” can be a fun way to entertain friends and family. That is, if you can make them work.

It can take a bit of time to get the hang of the technique. Most people get frustrated and give up long before they master the art of vape rings. And of those who persevere, many aren’t using the right technique or making mistakes that mean their vape rings don’t quite work.

We’re already written a comprehensive guide to blowing vape rings, which outlines the technique of holding the vapor in your throat, forming your lips into an O, and then using your tongue and breath to push out the ring.

If you’re trying this and it’s still not working, it might be because you’re making one of these mistakes:

Are you puckering your lips too much?

Getting the O shape of your mouth correct is a huge step. The Vape Trick website recommends flattening your lips against your teeth, and not puckering them too much or, alternatively, not curling them inward. Practice in the mirror until you get it perfect.

Do you have enough vapor?

If you’re not inhaling enough vapor, then you’re not going to get very good rings. You need to draw in as much as you can (as long as it’s not so much that you end up having a coughing fit) so your rings will be clear and thick.

Are you standing in a breeze?

Wind will destroy a vape ring as soon as it leaves your mouth. Even standing in a slight draft that’s pulling air from the room will have an impact on your rings.

Have you practiced?

No one will be blowing perfect vape rings right from the beginning. It will take some time to get the perfect technique down, and if you’re making any of the other mistakes about, you’ll need to correct these, as well.

Practice forming your mouth into the perfect O shape in front of a mirror, and pushing the smoke out with your tongue or throat. Watch other vapers and try youtube for videos that demonstrate proper technique. And don’t stop practicing!

Blowing vape rings and other tricks are a fun part of vaping, and they’ll take some practice to get right. But when you finally nail the technique, prepare to impress your friends and family!

Get more tips for beginning vapors!

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