4 Vaping Trends in 2019 that we’re excited about

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The vaping market has exploded over the last few years, as more and more people take it up as an alternative to smoking. With this growth, comes a range of exciting new trends, breakthroughs, products and features, all of which have us here at NZVAPOR excited for what lies ahead. To give you the TL;DR on exactly what’s happening in the vaping world, we’ve chosen our top 4 trends to keep your eye on in 2019.


More focus on the quality of products


As with any industry, as the market grows, businesses enter at every level. But in a market with such close ties to health, the focus is quickly shifting to the quality of products. Knowing where your products come from, what’s in them, and what conditions they were prepared under is becoming more important than ever. Just as you wouldn’t drink a cocktail left alone on the bar, knowing what’s in the product you’re consuming is more important than ever. Things to look out for, include the quality of the laboratory (graded on an ISO scale for pharmaceutical producers), AFNOR compliancy and the sterility of the area it was made. As vaping becomes more popular regulators and government entities will look to impose even stricter conditions, safety and quality assurances for vaping products.


More Vape Stocking Retailers


As regulations improve and the industry grows, more and more retailers, specialised and not, are stocking vaping products. Mobil and Night‘n‘Day are both proud stockists of our NZVAPOR products, and you’ll see most convenience stores, gas stations, supermarkets and other establishments now stocking at least one vaping product. This means you’re likely going to see a lot more saturation in the market and find it much easier to find your favourite brands and flavours. Vape products will soon be available where most tobacco products are sold, making it easier for you to switch to a better alternative. There will also be a huge increase in online retailers, so be careful where you shop from! While we can hope that all the stores have the same attention to customer safety and health, there may be a few less reputable retailers, so have your wits about you!


Exciting new variations and options for e-liquids


With more and more companies coming to the market, there are more and more innovations. This means companies are now working harder to produce new, exciting variations, including radical new flavours, varying VG levels, and varying nicotine content. Brands like Mt Baker Vapor are still producing some of the most beloved flavours and products, and locally made ranges such as our NZVAPOR range are getting more creative as well (Coconut Rum anyone?). Keep an eye out for existing brands such as these to keep expanding on their range and options, but also for newcomers to shake up the market. If you think variety is the spice of life, now is the time to get adventurous.


More options for people quitting smoking as vaping is normalised


The global push to move away from big tobacco has brought multiple alternatives with it, including patches, gum and even mouth sprays. Vaping is finally being recognised as a viable alternative as well, and the research being done into the health benefits/concerns and effectiveness is ramping up as more and more countries are bringing in legislation around the product. Look to see brands respond to this by bringing out more products and ranges designed for recent quitters, and also to see terms such as ‘VG’, Nic levels and others to become common language. It is exciting times for us to see this change happening, and we’re excited to be on the right side of history as more and more make the switch to a safer alternative.

2019 is a great time to be choosing a healthier lifestyle. Seeing the market grow and develop in the right direction is encouraging, and trends such as those talked about above are going to define the industry going forward. We’re always working on our own offering, and are proud to boast accomplishments such as being NZ’s cleanest production lab (possibly even in the whole southern hemisphere) and helping more and more people quit every day. If you want to make the switch or are looking for some quality e-juice, check out our e-liquid range, you won’t be disappointed.

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