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We now have a strong e-cigarette business that not only stands in the open, we actually make regular contact with the relevant authorities!

What does that mean? For the first time NZ has an e-cigarette company who actually chases government entities to push for change. We are active and we dont need to take no for an answer. We are legal so we are powerful.

Lets put a common myth right – Importing nicotine e-juice for personal use is 100% legal, as long as you’re not being stupid about it. You are allowed to import 3 months supply (3 months supply has not been defined), 5 times a year.

What is illegal is importing for anything other than personal use (importing with intention to sell/distribute), and local distribution (moving nicotine based e-liquids from NZ to NZ)

So… Lucky old you – You have found a company who has done it right – we can LEGALLY sell you nicotine e-juices – WE DO NOT BREAK ANY LAWS!!!

Here are a few points

1     We are here to stay – We wont be shut down leaving YOU with no option but to buy smokes again

2     We can gain and use actual info and data from authorities – Which makes us stronger and able to continue complaince (which impacts on number 1)

3     We have based our business plan off real possibilities – We used this info to invest in an improved supply chain, so you dont need to wait weeks for your gear

4     As laws change, we can change with them – We are working on the front foot, so as the industry evolves we can make improvements quickly 

5     All that means YOU have security in the supply of your nicotine e-liquids 

NZVAPOR.com is the ONLY company doing what we do correctly. We are the ONLY company who has put the investment in like we have.

Oh, and we own the entire supply chain! So we know and control what goes into your e-juice, and we know and control how it gets to you! Why go anywhere else!


If you have any questions please dont think twice to ask! CLICK HERE to contact us anytime. We are here to help

NOTE – We need more people to help power our advocacy machine. Please join our Facebook group NZ VAPELIFE – www.facebook.com/groups/nzvapelife It is an open invite, you dont nessecarily need to be actively involved but if you would like to see change offered to those who are caught in the poisonous trap that is smoking, please join.

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