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Here’s a timely and important piece of advice from NZVAPOR.

When choosing a supplier for your nicotine e juice and e cigarettes NZ vapers need to be careful with who they supply through!

Another popular supplier of nicotine ejuice and vape supplies in NZ have been served with their compliance letters, and told they can no longer sell nicotine in NZ.

The problem here is they knew weren’t running a legal operation, they knew they would be served at some stage. They knew they would disappear on their clients.

Who’s next? Whose vape supplier in NZ is going to disappear on them? Where will the NZ vaper go? To the dairy to buy more smokes???

When you purchase your vaping supplies and e-juice from NZVAPOR you are not buying it locally. We do not sell you nicotine based ejuice in NZ. Hence the shipping time of 5-7 days. Better to plan for a 5 day shipping time than your supplier pulling the handbrake up on you. NZVAPOR does not break any NZ laws.

The NZ vaping industry is at a huge risk when we have e cigarette suppliers in NZ straight out, knowingly breaking the law. The last thing we need is an industry of cowboys “trying to make a buck” until they are shut down. The reflection that has on the companies that are doing it properly is terrible. The whole NZ e cigarette industry is at risk if it is filled with illegal activity, how long will the government allow this activity and what will their reaction be? Straight up outlaw? To be honest that is the risk we face. Unfortunately it is us, the NZ vapers who ultimately suffer.

Stop supporting the cowboys. Deal with vape suppliers who support YOU.

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