10 MORE vaping tips for beginners

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At NZVAPOR, we’ve all been vaping for years. In fact, we were vaping before the question mark was even invented …. just kidding. 🙂

We have been at this a long time, though. One thing we love to see is when beginners discover vaping. It’s exciting seeing people tossing away their cigarettes and becoming passionate about vaping.

There’s no elitist attitude here – we love to help newbies. We’ve already published an article on vaping tips for beginners. I’ve got the whole team to contribute some more vaping tips to help you get the best vape experience possible:

1. Always check the battery connections in your e-cig for a buildup of e-juice. Just unscrew the battery and see if there’s any residue or dirt on the connections. You can wipe it away with a dry cloth, and you’re on your way again. This will help extend the life of your battery.

2. Getting too many dry hits after changing your coil or head? Prime the wicks first by adding 1-2 drops of e-juice into the cotton material through the holes. Take a few quick drags without inhaling. Your flavour will even out and you should be set!

3. Like swapping between two or more e-juice flavours? Grab yourself an extra tank or two, and just keep one tank full for each flavour. This is a great way to save time and stop two flavours mixing together.

4. Switch flavours regularly to avoid getting “vaper’s tongue”. No, that’s not some kind of creepy disease – it’s when you’re vaped one flavour for so long you stop tasting it. Switching back and forth between a couple of flavours help to keep your tastebuds on track.

5. Put aside the money you used to spend on cigarettes, and invest in decent vaping kit. If you’re going to be sticking with vaping for some time, high quality kit will make the experience that much more enjoyable. Choose the best!

6. Plan your vaping ahead of time. It’ll take you a few weeks to figure out exactly how fast you go through e-juice, or how long it takes your battery to run down. Once you know this, add a reminder in your calendar to purchase more juice and/or recharge your batteries, so you’re never left in the lurch.

7. Check the signs. Are you allowed to vape where you’re vaping? If you’re out and about, make sure you’re safe to vape before you pull out your kit. Consider non-vapers by not using your device near them unless they say it’s cool first.

8. Shake it up. NZVAPOR e-juices don’t require it, but some e-juices need shaking before each use. This helps ensure all the ingredients are properly mixed.

9. Store your e-juice away from the sun. Sunlight can actually decrease the intensity of the nicotine hit in your juice. If you’ve just come to vaping from smoking, this is going to be seriously important to you, so get those vape bottles out of the sunlight!

10. Check your expectations. If you’ve come into vaping expecting it to be exactly like smoking, then you’ll be in for a shock. While vaping definitely has a lot of similarities to smoking (that’s part of the reason it’s successful in helping people to quit smoking) the taste and sensations will be different. Awesome, but different. It may take some getting used to.

Want to blow smoke rings with your vape pen? Check out our smoke-ring guide!

NZVAPOR stock an excellent range of e-pens and vape kits ideal for beginners. Choose from the selection on our website and get started with vaping today!

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