Which Vape Flavour Is Best For Winter?

Woman vaping in the winter season in Australia

Winter is on its way, and we’re already starting to feel the chill. It’s time to put that menthol vape juice in the drawer and find some great vape flavours to have in winter. If you’re wondering which vape flavour is best for cold wintery days, we explore that here! We’re focusing on nicotine E-liquid flavours that provide a feeling of comfort and offer a much more winter-aligned experience. Keep reading and discover great vape juices to try on frosty mornings.

2 Cousins—Hokey Pokey

This 2 Cousins E-liquid is filled with a kiwi favourite flavour. Hokey Pokey is a must-try for all vapers looking for something sweet, rich, and comforting for the winter. Take one puff and enjoy the sweet blend of butterscotch and vanilla flavours exploding over your tastebuds. This juice has a VG70/PG30 ratio, making this ideal for sub-ohm devices, with powerful coils that can wick the thick, flavoursome juice.

4-Step—Outback Blend

One of the more traditional flavours on this list, Outback Blend is for all lovers of tobacco flavour. Escape the winter chill and enjoy the Outback heat, all provided through a delicious, tobacco flavoured vape juice from 4-Step. Available in a range of nicotine quantities, starting at a light 6mg, rising in increments of 6mg, up to the powerful 24mg. At VG50/PG50, this juice is perfect for any device with a coil resistance higher than 1.0Ω.

Kiwi Az—Churr

Fight off that winter gloom with the warm comforting taste of baked apple pie. Churr is a smooth flavour that will take you back to eating dessert at Nan’s. Fresh out of the oven, Kiwi Az nailed the mouth-water flavour of a good ol’ classic. This is the perfect juice to mix things up and enjoy something a little more niche. If you want a piece of the pie, you’ll need to be using a sub-ohm coil, one puff will have you saying “churr”.

Mount Baker Vapor—Desert Rain

MBV’s Desert Rain will be the only rain you want to see this winter. A mouth-watering flavour that will transport you from the shivering-cold New Zealand winter, whisking you away to a desert oasis. This magic is accomplished through a blend of kiwi, strawberry, and vanilla bean ice cream. Variations for DTL and MTL mean that any ol’ vape device can take this juice. All you need to do is ensure you grab 3 or 6mg for sub-ohm devices and 12mg for your pods and pens.

Vapejuice—Full Custardy

Custard-based flavours have been extremely popular among vapers, and you’ll definitely want Full Custardy in your custody. Taking it to a whole new level, Vapejuice brings a touch of coconut and vanilla into the mix, pairing perfectly with the full-on custard taste. Full Custardy is about to receive a 3-month winter sentence, and your vape tank is the cell. Don’t go breaking the law though, remember, Full Custardy should only be found in sub-ohm devices.

Grab Your Favourite Winter Flavours From NZVAPOR

So which vape flavour is best for winter? Well, that’s up to you! We’ve given you some fantastic options to start off with. Whether you’re just looking to mix things up or want a comforting flavour to get you through those short winter days, we have the option for you. Grab any of the mentioned vape juice flavours or browse the rest of our enormous vape shop online today!

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