Vape Anatomy: Pods & Mods

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Even for those who have been vaping for years, the various parts of vape devices can be confusing to understand. Knowing the basics of vape anatomy will help you to find the appropriate parts for your device and have an enjoyable vaping experience. From the different coil options to the vape atomizers that hold them, we break down all you need to know about vape anatomy.

Vape Battery

The battery is a great starting point, as this is where the power comes from. Generally, the device itself is referred to as the battery as this is where the batteries are housed, whether removable or not. The battery of a pod device will typically be a sleek, minimal build, often with a single power button such as the popular Caliburn A2. A popular feature for pod batteries is “puff-to-power” technology, activating the battery when you draw from the device.

On larger vape mods, the battery will typically have a small screen and buttons to navigate customisable settings. A mod battery connects to the atomizer to provide the power necessary to produce delicious vapour. Larger vape mods require a lot of power, so they need to be activated with a button, exchanging “puff-to-power” for customisation.

Vape Atomizer

The atomizer is the head of the vape, where the coil lives and the magic happens. Atomizers are only seen in large vape mods, and just as with vape mod batteries, they offer customisation. An atomizer typically includes a pin connector, airflow adjustment ring, glass tank, and a mouthpiece, working together to turn your favourite vape juice into delicious vapour.

Individual parts of the atomizer are replaceable, such as the glass casing and mouthpiece, but it’s important to pay close attention when purchasing replacement pieces. Vape mods and their atomizers can be customised, but it’s best to leave this to advanced vapers as it’s easy to get wrong. If you’re unsure about compatibility, just ask for help when choosing your pieces!

The Difference Between Vape Coils

The two types of vapes on the market are traditional coils, a wire coiled around wicking material, or mesh coils which are generally found in smaller devices. Coils are found in vape atomizers and are easy to replace when your favourite vape juice starts to lose its flavour. Coils are available in different levels of resistance to further let you curate the perfect vaping experience. The difference between vape coils varies from brand to brand, with variations between resistance impacting the tightness of the draw and the type of e-liquid you need to use.

Vape Pods

Pods are available as all-in-ones where the pod is disposed of alongside the mesh coil when worn out. Other devices use an empty pod casing that can be reused with various coils, like a simplified version of a tank and coil in a mod. The third type of vape pod is pre-filled, such as Stratus Pods, which are all-in-one, but not refillable, so when you’ve depleted the e-liquid, you just pop in a new pod. Vape pods are less customisable than vape mods but offer a low-maintenance and user-friendly experience for vapers of all levels.

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