Travelling with Your Vape This Summer? Watch Out for These Things!

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Ahh, summer. It’s a universally Kiwi experience to head out on the open road in the summertime. Whether you’re going camping, hitting up festivals, or even using your break to travel abroad, chances are, you’ll be travelling at least a little bit this summer. Vapes are great for taking on the road, considering they are portable and generally have great battery life. Still, there are a few ways you could get tripped up over a few vape-related potholes on the road. Be savvy by preparing for these hiccups in advance—here are some travel tips if you’re travelling with your vape this summer!

Carry spare juice and accessories

You never know whether you’ll find a vape store out on the road. Sure, big cities will all have somewhere to find what you need, but when looking for vape accessories in NZ you’ll often be out of luck outside the 7 to 8 main urban centres in this beautiful country. So, get what you need before you go. A spare vape battery charger is a must in case you misplace yours, and is also helpful for your forgetful friend who neglected to bring their own.

Carrying enough e juice is the next most crucial thing for a roadie. Depending on how much you vape, you can expect to go through about 1 to10 mL of juice per day, so multiplying those numbers by the length of your trip gives you a rough idea of how much to carry. Of course, you’ll want to bring more, since there will inevitably be people around asking for a puff of your vape. Be safe, rather than sorry.

For the most prepared among us, you could even consider carrying a spare tank or coils in case yours burn out on the road. While it’s not overly likely that yours will, these parts are the hardest to replace if you’re out of a major urban centre, and your vape is unusable without them.

Watch out in airports

It’s perfectly fine to travel with your vape and accessories on commercial flights, but you do have to observe several rules for your own and everyone else’s safety. Of course, vapes can’t be used on flights, and should be switched off for the duration of your travel.

When you’re packing, make sure to put your vape, as well as any spare batteries, coils or tanks, in your carry-on luggage. It is forbidden to carry vapes and e-cigs in checked baggage.

E-juice can be stored in either your checked or carry-on baggage, but when taking it in your carry-on, you are limited to containers of 100mL or less. These should also be in a clear, zip lock plastic bag for convenience and to contain any spills. Larger bottles of juice are restricted to your checked baggage.

Check your destination

Vaping is considered normal in New Zealand, but if you’re travelling internationally, the social expectations around vaping can change drastically. In some countries, it’s not even legal.

Some countries, including Singapore, Taiwan, and Bahrain, have already outlawed vapes, i.e. you cannot carry e cigarettes or e liquid into these countries. In Malaysia, there is a fatwa, or religious law against vaping. While not legally binding, it’s important to be aware that many Malaysians consider vaping unacceptable due to this decree. Other countries, like Israel, have strong laws against vaping in public places, so always research the country you are visiting before packing your vape.

Ultimately, whether you’re overseas or in New Zealand, context determines whether it’s OK for you to vape. You might think that you can vape in places where you wouldn’t consider smoking – it’s just vapour, right? Well, other people might not see it that way. Be respectful and keep in mind that your vapour can be irritating or unpleasant for others. Check to see what others are doing, and if you’re really unsure, just ask whoever’s in charge.

Get a carry case

You’re probably used to just taking your vape out with you and keeping all of the other bits—the charger, spare juice, and other accessories—at home. When you’re on the road, it’s good to keep all your stuff organised and in one place. A carry case is an easy place to store your vape and all of its associated items in one place, also helps to keep it secure from slipping out of your pockets or being nicked.

Ready to vape the summer through?

With just a little care taken, you’ll sail over every obstacle that can come between you and your vape this summer. So, enjoy being out on the road and make the most of the excellent New Zealand weather. Be careful to observe the laws and customs when travelling internationally, and generally be respectful with your vaping around others. Aside from that, it’s all fun and vapes.

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