Help, my vape tank is leaking!

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If you’ve ever had a vape tank leak, you know how annoying it is. You reach into your pocket to grab your vape, and your hand comes away all slippery. Anything else in your pocket – phone, glasses, essential post-it notes – are also wet from leaked juice.

If you want to rescue your vape gear, you’ll need to find the source of the leak. You may be able to fix it, so you don’t have to buy new gear. Here are some common ways vape tanks can leak:

1. Filling your tank incorrectly.

For argument’s sake, let’s say you’ve got some decent gear and you haven’t purchased a cheap knock-off vape from some dodgy internet site.

If it’s not the fault of your gear, then the most common cause of vape tank leakage has got to be improper filling of your tank, leading to flooding and leakage. We commonly see this in newbies who haven’t really got the hang of vaping yet.

Most tanks have a central tube, called the chimney, leading between the mouthpiece and coil. If you get juice in there, the tank is going to flood your coil. Then, it will seep into your vape pen and ooze out somewhere.

The best way to solve this problem is to tilt your tank a little when pouring in the juice. Make sure you let the juice slide down the inside of the outer glass (as far from the chimney as is possible to get). Don’t fill it too much! (stop at ¾ full), and if you notice any juice on the chimney, dab it away with a cotton bud.

2. Tighten things up (but not too tight!)

Most decent e-cigarettes are designed to be taken apart on a regular basis. However, if you’re got fittings that are only loosely screwed back together, you could get leakage.

After refilling, check that everything is properly tightened. Take special note that the coil is tight against the base or top.

Be careful when tightening that you don’t snag or over-tighten over the gaskets. This could tear them and result in leakage.

3. Keep it upright

When not using your tank, store it in an upright position. This might mean transferring it to another pocket, where it will sit upright.

Many tanks aren’t designed to lie on their side for long periods of time. This will often result in juice seeping into the chimney or airflow holes, giving you a nasty surprise when you next reach for a vape.

Have you ever experienced a leaking e-cigarette? How did you solve the problem?

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