Vape Starter Kits: The Benefits and Best Kits to Try

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Vape starter kits are a great way to dip your toes into the world of vaping. If you are currently looking to quit smoking in New Zealand, research shows that vaping is one of the most effective methods available. In this blog post, we will explain why a vape starter kit is a good option and outline the best kits to try.

Why Choose a Vape Starter Kit?

Everything you need in one box

A vape starter kit provides everything you need to start vaping: a vape device, e-juice, and basic accessories such as coils. With a kit, you will get your hands on all these bits and pieces without having to think too much about what to choose.

An easy way to familiarise yourself with vaping

Since everything you need can be found inside, a vape starter kit is a good way to familiarise yourself with the essential components of a vape device without getting intimidated. Most vape starter kits contain easy-to-use pen or pod vapes, so you can ease into the process with a device that doesn’t have too many settings to figure out.

Good value for money

If this is your first vape experience, you probably don’t want to shell out heaps of cash in the beginning. Getting a vape starter kit brings the cost down, so you only pay for what you need as a beginner, rather than spending big on fancy devices and accessories you’re not ready to use.

The Best Starter Kits to Try

Pod systems are a great starter vape as they are very easy to use without compromising on quality. There are two general types of vape pods: open and closed pods. Open pods are refillable, while closed pods will come with prefilled vape juice cartridges which need to be replaced once finished. Here are the open and closed pods we recommend for beginners.

Open Pod System: Uwell Caliburn G + Premium Red

Uwell Caliburn G + Premium Red

The Uwell Caliburn G Starter Kit features an elegant open pod device perfect for beginners. The pod delivers great flavour due to the dual heating system, and is lightweight and comfortable in hand. This device has a locking system so you can carry it around without worrying about it going off in your pocket.

As a refillable device, you can simply refill the pod at the top with e-juice when it gets low. There are also replacement pods included in this kit, as the pod should be replaced occasionally to keep the juice tasting crisp.
We have teamed the Uwell Caliburn G with our house-made NZVAPOR Premium Red Salted E-Liquid in this kit. This vape juice is formulated for ex-smokers and recreates the iconic tobacco taste of Dunhill cigarettes. The bottle will last for up to four weeks, and then you can either re-order the same flavour or can branch out to our other e-juice flavours!

Closed Pod System: Stratus Starter Kit

Stratus Starter Kit

If you want the least hassle possible, go for a closed pod system like the Stratus Pod Kit. This slick device requires prefilled cartridges which easily click into place. There are seven delicious flavours available, and this starter kit comes with a tobacco flavour, a blackcurrant flavour, and an ANZAC biscuit flavour.

This device uses nicotine salt e-liquid which packs a punch and should help to keep your cravings under control. Each cartridge should last for around seven days before needing to be replaced. To make use even easier, this device doesn’t have a fire button. Instead, just take a draw on the mouthpiece to activate the device.

Pick up your first vape kit from NZVAPOR!

At NZVAPOR, we are passionate about helping people quit smoking and move to the safer alternative of vaping in New Zealand. Shop our starter vape kits online today or head in-store for more vaping advice from our experts!

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