EZE-Cig Starter Kit for just $79 650x379

NZVAPOR is the best e-cigarette stockists in NZ!

Are you wondering where to buy ecigarettes in NZ? Well we have made it as easy as possible to legally get your hands on e-cigs, e-juice and other vaping goods.

We do it cheap, and we send them right to you!

Our EZE-ECIG STARTER KIT is a full e-cigarette starter kit which will give you everything you need to vape. If you are new to vaping you will know all about the confusing words and terms. So we have taken all of the confusing terminology like atomiser, clearomiser, replacement coils etc, out of the mix and left you with one choice to make (and you know these terms well) – Rollies or tailors… Thats it!

The kit comes with nicotine ejuice so you get everything you want from a cigarette!

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