E-Cigarette made by Strataspire 1000x583

Ok so the e-cigarettes we sell can be broken down into 3 parts. Lets start at the bottom and work out way up the e-cig:


This is normally the coloured part of the electronic cigarette. Our batteries are all purpose built, so you cant actually see the actual battery. What you see, looking from the outside is the cover, a button, normally a dial at the bottom and a contact area at the top.

Inside the shell you have the actual battery and also a little microchip. When you press the button (on the outside of the e-cig) the chip tells the battery to pass power to the contact which is at the top of the battery. The amount of power the battery passes depends on what setting you have set the dial to at the bottom of the battery. The higher the voltage, the more power will be released.

More power = more cloud, but faster drain on the battery

Less power = less cloud but a longer time between charges


The tank is simply a vessel to hold your e-juice or e-liquid. It is pretty simple and not greatly technological. Electronic cigarette tanks range from colour to colour and size to size. The tip of the tank (mouthpiece) is the part you suck on when puffing. To fill a tank it is as simple as unscrewing the base (normally the base but sometimes the top) and dripping your e-liquid in – making sure not to get any e-liquid in the centre pipe, which is just for airflow and vapour. The important part of the tank is actually the atomiser, which is screwed into the tank.


The atomiser is the ‘working’ part of the tank. It is the part that has the contact with the top of the battery. An atomiser has a contact area, a coil and a wick. The coil is wrapped around the wick and is normally held in place with a rubber seal.

When you screw these into the tanks and the tank onto the battery and press the button; power flows from the battery, through the contacts and then passes through the coil. The wick (which passes through the coil) will be soaked with your e-juice and when the coil heats up, the e-juice is vapourised, turning it into a steam. That steam is the stuff you breathe.

So with the tank filled with your favourite e-liquid (nicotine or nicotine free), you press the button, that puts power to the coil, which heats and vapourizes the e-juice, then you just puff it like a normal cigarette. If you have nicotine in the e-liquid the vapour that is produced will contain nicotine. You vape that and viola!

Note – This info covers the basics. And as you get further into vaping you will learn more about vaping and how it all works. But if you EVER have questions you can ALWAYS contact us through the CONTACT tab. We are here to help.

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