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An often overlooked aspect of vaping, is how you vape. 

There are 2 common ways of vaping: DIRECT INHALE and MOUTH TO LUNG. In this article, we’ll take a look at each method and help you decide which is best for you.

Each vaping technique produces very different results, MOUTH TO LUNG is regarded as most similar to smoking a cigarette, while DIRECT INHALE can be compared to the hit from a shisha pipe or bong. 

Various factors come into play, such as ohm resistance, battery strength and airflow, but for the purpose of this discussion we will concentrate on the way the user interacts with their kit. 

Mouth to lung

‘MTL’ vaping is much as it sounds – you take the vapour into your mouth first, before inhaling to the lungs. It’s similar to sucking on a straw: you take a draw and let your mouth fill with vapour. Then you inhale, sucking in extra air into your lungs. Smokers and ex-smokers will recognise this as similar to the way cigarettes are usually smoked and is often used with medium to high PG e-liquid and higher nicotine levels (12mg and above).

Direct inhale

‘DH’ vaping involves drawing the vapour straight down into the lungs, much like breathing in deeply or sucking the air from a balloon. This way dense vapour quickly fills the lungs, similar to the sensation of using a shisha pipe. This draw method is most commonly associated with sub-ohm vaping and generally requires a high VG e-liquid with low nicotine content (6mg or less).


  • DIRECT INHALE gives a more intense hit and produces much more cloud than MTL, which many vapers find more satisfying but can sometimes feel overwhelming.
  • MOUTH TO LUNG vaping more so simulates the smoking of a cigarette which most newcomers enjoy.

At the end of the day there is no right or wrong method to use, it is WHAT EVER SUITS YOU and what ever works FOR YOU.

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